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111 Inspiring and Motivational Quotes From Mahatria Ra!

Posted by Infinitheism Admin on January 11th, 2014 and filed under Featured, Health, Mahatria Says, Management, Relationship, Spiritual, Success Stories, Youth

Here is a compilation of 111 Quotes of Mahatria Ra that was posted on our social networking sites in 2013. The Quotes are shared below in text and picture format. 

1. The only way to show our love for the messenger, is by living by his message- Mahatria Ra


2. Only when you have a vision for tomorrow, you will find power and purpose in your today’s work- Mahatria Ra


3. Grow in such a way that one day all those people who rejected you will admire you- Mahatria Ra


4. Even a piece of stone, when it gains collective mass attention gathers vibrations- Mahatria Ra


5.Complete honesty, freedom and understanding are the basics of any relation - Mahatria Ra


6. The brush is in his hands and he has the choice of strokes. He creates what he chooses to create - Mahatria Ra


7. Instead of using our intelligence on why a thing can’t be done, let us use it to find out how it can be done - Mahatria Ra


8. Make your potential count. Seek most and more from life. Seek abundance - Mahatria Ra


9. Every tree, every flower has a season. Everyone will experience spring in their lives, not just once, but over and over - Mahatria Ra


10.  The proof of the process is in the result it produces. We need results and not reasons - Mahatria Ra


11. Let’s not tell each other, “I love you if you improve,” Let’s say, “I love you, no matter who you are” - Mahatria Ra


12. Expressing your feelings can cause hurt in a relationship, but, not expressing will hurt the relationship itself - Mahatria Ra


13. Getting used to blessings is to abuse the blessings; having gratitude is a great attitude towards one’s blessings - Mahatria Ra


14. Forgiveness is an act of compassion for our imperfect natures - Mahatria Ra


15. Success in meditation is when you become more and more comfortable, yet alert, when nothing is happening - Mahatria Ra


16. Nature has its charm, in silence and also in its fickle moods, Those who love its moods, enjoy it! - Mahatria Ra


17. Yes to 3 A’s: Accept, Adjust, and Appreciate. No to 3 C’s Never Criticize, Condemn, or Complain - Mahatria Ra


18. In love & bliss, find peace, In peace, discover silence. In silence, you dissolve into the divine - Mahatria Ra


19. Reading a book gives us the habit of solitary reflection and true enjoyment - Mahatria Ra


20. Only if there is proper balancing of colors it makes a painting. Life is all about balance - Mahatria Ra


21. The better you are, the more effective you can be at the top. So, seek to be a leader and not a mere follower - Mahatria Ra


22. In spite of all the external differences, from the deep within, we are connected to each other. We are spiritual relatives - Mahatria Ra


23. Have such goals in life, even if you fail to achieve, it should be a success to human potential - Mahatria Ra


24. It can be called a “Decision”, only if, you don’t negotiate on it after making the decision else it’s a mere wish - Mahatria Ra


25. Decide to be happy in life. Make happiness your way of life - Mahatria Ra


26. God has given us a gift of 86,400 seconds in a day. Have you used one to say ‘thank you’? - Mahatria Ra


27. If one knows to convert challenges into opportunities, there will be no troubles in life - Mahatria Ra


28. Without a guru none can cross over to the other shore - Mahatria Ra


29. The best relationship is one which your love for each other exceeds your need for each other - Mahatria Ra


30. By rendering small services to the society, we change the society, like a drop of curd added to milk changes it into curd - Mahatria Ra


31. Success or failure is not about potential, but it is a matter of interest - Mahatria Ra


32. With faith as the center of gravity of thoughts, soul stability blossoms for every living moment of life - Mahatria Ra


33. If you create anything which is simple but powerful, it will have value in this world - Mahatria Ra


34. Our success is not determined merely by how much good is within us, but by how often the higher within us overcomes the lower within us - Mahatria Ra


35. Not everybody can be good at everything, but everybody can be good at something - Mahatria Ra


36. Isn’t the smallest of particles enough to cause endless ripples in a still water lake? - Mahatria Ra


37. When a thought is released from the seat of silence, a mere wish becomes a command to the universe - Mahatria Ra


38. Blissfully live your life without resistance. Flow with the flow. God never gives you an experience that’s not needed - Mahatria Ra


39. Bad is working as a team to destroy the world. To counter this evil, good has to work as a team to perpetuate good - Mahatria Ra


40. There is no easy way to the top and those who made it to the top didn’t make it easy. It takes what it takes - Mahatria Ra


41. Strength of character is built by the obstacles overcome. Life isn’t a 100-meter dash. It is a 110 meter hurdle race - Mahatria Ra


42. If daily you have this need to prove yourself right and others wrong, then something is seriously wrong with your life - Mahatria Ra


43. Lie needs maintenance. Truth does not - Mahatria Ra


44. The more you learn to leave small things small, the lesser the disturbances in life. And most things are small - Mahatria Ra


45. What you avoid controls you. What controls you causes fear in you. So, avoiding isn’t the solution. Whatever, face it. - Mahatria Ra


46. People we love the most are the ones we hurt the most, knowingly or unknowingly. Forgive yourself. Forgive others - Mahatria Ra


47. Never say ‘NO’ to abundance in any form. Money can do little for you, but money can do a lot though you - Mahatria Ra


48. When life is giving you most and more. Simply celebrate the flow - Mahatria Ra


49.  Mistakes are always the result and effects of a restless body-mind - Mahatria Ra


50. There is only one-way self – purification. Make yourself so pure, that you leave God with no other option but to descend through you - Mahatria Ra


51. Every event that we encounter in life is a shell, a doorway to maturity. It is in ‘Experiencing the experience’ we turn these shells into diamonds - Mahatria Ra


52. If you want everything from life first give everything you have to life - Mahatria Ra


53. No matter how much you achieve, no matter what you accomplish if there is a spiritual vaccum in your life, your life will feel incomplete - Mahatria Ra


54. Let us dream and on the sheer strength of our dreams, let us get the world to stand up - Mahatria Ra


55. Go on. Do not halt. Do not stagnate. Rest not. Keep going on.. - Mahatria Ra


56. It is better to suffer the solution than to suffer the problem. So don’t seek solace. Seek solutions - Mahatria Ra


57. You cannot handle large opportunities if small problems bother you - Mahatria Ra


58. It is not what you feel within but it is the expression of that feeling that makes a difference in relationship - Mahatria Ra


59. On the strength of strengths, weakness weaken - Mahatria Ra


60. Just for today be a compulsive good finder. Things or people, search for good and say it. Appreciate - Mahatria Ra


61. Good becomes best in the hands of right leadership - Mahatria Ra


62. However tough the consequences may be, face it - Mahatria RaInfinitheism_193-01

63. What are you going to do with your potential, use it or abuse it, is all upto you - Mahatria Ra


64. Not everyone woke up this morning. So, let your first words be, “Thank you for another day of life.” Make this day count - Mahatria Ra


65. “I love You” is a beautiful expression. Even more beautiful is the expression - Mahatria Ra


66. There are those who will listen before hitting the wall; the rest will listen only after they bleed against the wall - Mahatria Ra


67. Why is everything that’s precious so scarce? In fact, only because it is scarce, you value it as precious - Mahatria Ra


68. Take up something that will enable you to end 2013 on a high. And give impetus to 2104 - Mahatria Ra


69. The more we process the thoughts of health, wealth, love, bliss and enlightenment, the more powerful will be the attraction for kindred things - Mahatria Ra


70. Live and let live. Love thy neighbour as yourself. Life yourself and in turn lift others. It always starts with you - Mahatria Ra


71. 7 deadly sins 1. Wealth without work 2. pleasure without conscience 3. science without humanity 4. knowledge without character 5. politics without principle 6. commerce without morality 7. worship without sacrifice - Mahatria Ra


72. There is a hidden meaning in every moment of life. Let us live life with intense awareness to unravel this meaning - Mahatria Ra


73. Let us name 2014 as the year of opportunities and work towards creating humungous possibilities for us and others - Mahatria Ra


74. Even nature adapts itself to a person, who is dedicated to his work and where ‘Give up’ doesn’t exist - Mahatria Ra


75. All it takes to give a new or added dimension to life is to nurture one’s strength and passions - Mahatria Ra


76. Wherever willingness is great, challenges are never great - Mahatria Ra


77. Not only to tell the truth, even to listen to the truth courage is required - Mahatria Ra


78. People need your love much more when they are wrong than they are right - Mahatria Ra


79. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have all the answers. What truly matters is do you have the right questions? - Mahatria Ra


80. Love someone so completely that you make yourself worthy of being someone’s greatest gift - Mahatria Ra


81. Too often we underestimate the power of touch, a smile, a kind word, all of which have the potential to turn a life around - Mahatria Ra


82. The beginning is from where you begin. Begin today. Begin now. Focus your energies in being an architect of your future - Mahatria Ra


83. Each day, in every way, we need to become a little more accepting – towards each other, ourselves, our lives - Mahatria Ra


84. A guru never experiments with his seekers. A guru always experiments on himself and gives the seeker only the experience - Mahatria Ra


85. You were born to win, but to be a winner, you must plan to win, prepare to win, and expect to win - Mahatria Ra


86. Our pride in something reflects the kind of person we are. Examine your pride and you will know what you stand for - Mahatria Ra


87. Friendship is born at the moment when one person says to another: “what? You too? I thought I was the only one.” - Mahatria Ra


88. Friends are the most important ingredient in this recipe of life - Mahatria Ra


89. This is a beautiful world and with our humane qualities we can make it a wonderful one - Mahatria Ra


90. Whatever goes, gracefully let it go. Whatever comes, gratefully accept it. You have to keep going.. life goes on - Mahatria Ra


91. More than being with the Master, representing the CAUSE of the Master is considered a greater blessing - Mahatria Ra


92. Though you cannot go back to make a brand new start, you can start now and create a brand new end! - Mahatria Ra


93. Nothing will change if the year changes externally but you don’t change internally.
so, wishing you A HAPPY NEW YOU! - Mahatria Ra


94. That on which you invest your time, grows. That one which you starve your time shrinks - Mahatria Ra


95. A mature relationship is one when the other person feels as secure as being in the womb of their mother when they are with you - Mahatria Ra


96. The highest technique is no technique - Mahatria Ra


97. It is not God, who is making your faith work. It is your faith that is making your god work - Mahatria Ra


98. In your decision-making and in making your decisions right, your are always alone - Mahatria Ra


99. Nutrition basically means eat natural, eat whole and eat everything. Eat consciously and eat joyfully - Mahatria Ra


100. Put the cause of MEN above the needs of MAN - Mahatria Ra


101. I will go into any relationship, looking at what I can give, and not what I can receive - Mahatria Ra


102. Play to win not to defeat –  Mahatria Ra41-01

103. Not to change is to err, not to recognize the change is blunder - Mahatria Ra


104. Your judgment of God is based on how much you understand God, and not based on who God is - Mahatria Ra


105. Don’t choose from one suffering to another. Instead, choose between some peace and all the peace - Mahatria Ra


106. It is sad to see the bad & destructive forces complementing each other, but the good & right competing with each other - Mahatria Ra


107. You love others, not for what they are; but, for what you are when you are with them…. - Mahatria Ra


108. To believe in something, and not to live it, is dishonest - Mahatria Ra


109. People, who fight another day, do so in this one faith that tomorrow will be a better day - Mahatria Ra


110. More than money or fame, what people long for is that ‘personal touch.’ - Mahatria Ra


111. The journey is to evolve from animal to man, and to eventually reach the Divine - Mahatria Ra


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  1. gopal says:

    Superb. My request, collect 366 of these and make a table calendar, a sort of permanent, devoting one quote to a day. Starting with 1 January ending 31 December. No days… a generic calendar with only dates. Alternatively, these 111 can be in form of a table top calendar type.
    Edit where necessary, like 2013, to present year, 2014 to next year or following year.
    A small correction in 98 the second your should be you../ those sort can taken care of easily by one other reading.
    Thank you. Thank you very much. Wishing you most and more…

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