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Ways To Live A Healthy Lifestyle!

Posted by Infinitheism Admin on February 6th, 2014 and filed under Featured, Health

Life pattern, health, immunity and the childhood milestones form the basement of healthy life in adulthood.



My friend Sukanya sounded worried and declined the invitation for my five-year-old daughter’s birthday party. That rang the alarm and alerted the doctor in me. When I probed gently in to her worry, she narrated the tedious treatment episodes of her daughter. She told me that this is the third time in two months that her daughter was down with throat infection and viral fever. Though she had already completed the full course of antibiotics, her cough and cold persisted. Worse still, her appetite was greatly reduced and she got tired very fast.

Decreased immunity, loss of appetite and disturbed behavioral patterns are but a few ‘side effects’ the anti-biotic give. The above case shows that the resistance power has markedly decreased and that’s the reason why she has recurrent episodes of sore throat, fever, etc. Each attack is making her weaker. Her immune system is enervated, and whenever she is exposed to harmful agents she gets affected.
“A healthy mind lives in a healthy body” may be an old adage, but forever appropriate. Children are the most precious gift given to the mankind. It is our duty to give them proper care and see to it that they don’t fall prey to any sort of illnesses or even behavioral disorders. Life pattern, health, immunity and the childhood milestones form the basement of healthy life in adulthood. A child with strong immunity would usually remain free from frequent childhood diseases. It helps to have sound life later.

This is the era of technology and no doubt it has made life easier for us, but has taught us impatience. I firmly believe because of intolerance and impulsive attitude of the parents, children are getting affected. They want their child to recover from a simple illness as fast as possible that they don’t even wait for defensive mechanism of the body to react. Because of the overanxious attitude of the parents, children are overdosed and recover with the residual symptoms of irritability, lethargy, crankiness, lack of concentration and poor appetite. Repeated episodes of illnesses make their immune system susceptible to different noxious agents present in the environment and like this the vicious circle is established.

Most of the chronic ailments that children suffer from are due to their compromised immune system. The immune system is the body’s defensive capacity to fight against variety of noxious agents. The immune system becomes vulnerable due to improper diet, pollution and most often drug overload from over-reactive parents and physicians. Children often end up receiving stronger antibiotics without any focus on preventive aspects of illness. These antibiotics may temporarily help the child overcome the acute phase, but make their immune systems weak every time. Antibiotics kill not only the invading bugs but also the naturally present normal healthy commensals, which are present in GI (Gastro Intestinal) tract.

Balanced nutrition, which should include fresh fruits and vegetables containing liberal amount of vitamins, trace elements and anti-oxidants should form an integral part of the diet rather than junk food relished by nowadays kids. Always wait for defensive mechanism of the body to act; don’t be in a hurry to react with instant antibiotics.

-Dr.Shivani Lakhtakia

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