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Have You Been Pushed In Your Life To Work Hard?

Posted by Infinitheism Admin on March 28th, 2014 and filed under Featured, Success Stories, Youth

You push, push, and push, and then attain a new and higher stance in life every time you push…


I am sure you know how review meetings can be.  Mine couldn’t have been different.  In fact, it could have only been worse with the kind of mood swings my boss had.  It was technically my first real job.  I did not have an MBA, nor did I have the four years of experience that the job demanded.  But I got the offer letter after a series of interviews that I attended only to kill time.  I wasn’t surprised or overwhelmed because I did not actually know that I had just got my first break.  I told my teacher about the offer.  I did not even know what exactly the job demanded, but tried to put my best foot forward in explaining the complication.  Obviously, he quickly grasped what I was trying to say and said, “If I understand what you want to do with your life, then I think this should be the line you must be in.  It will help you get the right kind of exposure.”  I accepted the offer only because of those words that I heard from him.  I was actually clueless.  And here I was, four months later, in my first review meeting.

I’ve heard stories about how crazy he would get during reviews and I was almost wetting my pants.  My turn next… it was my turn to enter the den and get chewed.  I went in looking as composed as ever but you know the truth.  I live in Chennai because I can’t take cold weather.  But here I was freezing and I received absolutely no warmth from the man I just met.  The meeting began.  He asked me a few questions and I had no relevant answers.  My immediate manager saved my skin as long as he could and then he was asked to leave the room.  My boss knew there was nothing we actually had to discuss.  So he spoke about how I was doing fine if I wanted to get married and make babies, but not if I wanted a career.  No… No… that was not the best part.  He spoke for a while.  He apparently observed that I was a very happy person.  Just when I was going to return a smile to what I thought was a compliment he said, “You know… No matter where I put you, you’d be happy and smiling.  This is not going to take you places.“

Now I was confused.  I believe happiness is the most integral part of life and here I am in a job with a boss who believes that my core faith is wrong.  Is it wrong to be happy?  Oh, come on!  I was barely 20 and did not have the maturity to segregate and move on.  All I knew was that I had to wear a straight face if I wanted to stick in a corporate so that my colleagues knew I was working.  I walked out of his room at 9.30 p.m. that day.  Was famished, de-motivated and felt like a total ‘Loser’.  I wanted to work hard, really hard and prove a point to him.  But how?  He did not channelise my potential.  The same man who thought I was a potential resource when he hired me, now made me feel like a loser when he should have actually invested time in shaping my potential with his experience.  But I did not know all of this.  I only wanted to work hard.  Every time I did not find results, I never knew why but I just kept working hard.  Honestly, it was god’s grace that I eventually performed.  I still hadn’t known what I did wrong or what I did right.  I just kept knocking all I could until a few doors just had to open up.  But later when I was moving out of the place that gave me an opportunity to make a beginning in life, I realised that it was the ‘push’ that made all the difference.  Good or bad, I don’t care!  It made something out of me.  It was life’s push, for, by giving me a tough boss it actually helped me scale ahead.

I completely adore my fitness instructor.  He never gives me the rope that trainers give women.  No matter how lazy I am, no matter how much I resist doing what is to be done, even if I ever tried to sweet talk, he would smile back and say, “2 km, 10 minutes.“  He’d watch me from a distance.  I wouldn’t even notice him, but after every workout he would tell me exactly what I did wrong and how I need to raise the bar.  I’ve actually surpassed my expectations on my fitness levels, but I still haven’t scaled up to what he expects out of me, for he knew I can do better.  And that push makes all the difference.

It’s one thing to not grow in life, but it’s different for those of us who have.  If we actually try to dig into those experiences that raised us to higher platforms in life, I am sure we’d agree that it was that one incident, which made us realise we are capable of much more than what we believed we can.  I call that incident “The Push.”  It could be life’s experiences like how it sent me a tough boss or it could be certain people like my instructor who led me to moving way past what I believed I could do.  It fills me with gratitude to have understood those push factors in my life.  Sometimes life, sometimes people, and sometimes the unknown ‘that’ remains in the unknown but the output has always been growth, health, wealth, peace, evolution and all those positive attributes of life.

It could be your little being that’s waiting to come out and see the world, but it’s the doctor’s motivation that makes you push your way to motherhood.  Well that’s exactly the design.  You push, push, and push, and then attain a new and higher stance in life every time you push…

-Kiran Sampath

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