Mahatria Ra has transformed hundreds of thousands of people by providing significant breakthroughs in their lives. Be it top notch businessmen, global leaders, musicians, sportsmen or students, many have been able to unleash their internal spirit that drives them to excellence. Mahatria Ra had given a series of discourses across USA, Canada and UAE between 10th Oct to 2nd Nov 2012. title LIFE series. This page captures the event photos, videos and tweets.

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  • Mahatria Ra at
    Statueof Liberty

  • Mahatria Ra at
    Lincoln Memorial

  • Mahatria Ra at
    Washington DC
Program Schedule  
12 Oct. Washington DC LIFE is all about Relationships
13 Oct. New Jersey The Emotional Equations of LIFE
14 Oct. New York LIFE is Beautiful
16 Oct. Ann Arbor A LIFE of This and That
20 Oct. Toronto A LIFE of Purpose
25 Oct. Chicago The LIFE behind life called God
27 Oct. San Jose LIFE hinges on 3 Relationships *
21 Oct. NEW YORK Celebrate LIFE
02 Nov. DUBAI LIFE and Balance
Life-changing instruments
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