11-minute Guided Meditation For Deep Relaxation

The vision, the mission, the purpose of infinitheism is to awaken you, to higher consciousness, to higher maturity. Ironically, the very first guided process, instead of awakening you. I’m want to help you to experience restfulness. In fact, restfulness is not anti-dynamism.

Restfulness is the womb from which dynamism is born. Ask any creative artist and they would say, they are most creative when they feel restful. Ask anybody in the realm of wellness and fitness. And they will tell you that restfulness is such an important part of self-healing of the body.

A regeneration of healthy muscles. That’s why even the ancient science of yoga emphasizes, on ending every asana practice with Savasana restfulness. But the big question is, in this highly competitive materialistic world, with so much of demand on your time.

And so many intrusions, especially because of technology. The mind is always in a state of restlessness. So how do I find restfulness in the midst of all these daily day to day demands of life? It seems man has moved away. From everything which was natural and essential.

And one of those is. The natural process of restfulness. By decision, I am again and again using the word restfulness and not sleep. Because I believe even before you go into an important meeting, say a board meeting, a important brainstorming session.

Before you go to write your exams, even a minute or two, of calming yourself into a state of restfulness. And then moving into that peak dynamism. The level of energy that you will bring into each of these endeavours. Like I said, it really doesn’t matter what it is, it could be competitive sports, it could be academic examination, it could be a critical decision-making board meeting.

But right now, what is happening with man is, man is just moving from one state of restlessness to another state of restlessness to another state of restlessness. Causing diminishing efficiency. We are not at our peak performance.

A any peak performer in any field, would always tell you the secret of peak performance is to come from a state of restfulness. We’re not talking restfulness in the sense of lethargy, laziness, sluggishness we’re not talking about. We’re talking about ensuring, emotionally, mentally, physically, that is absolute harmony. Everything is integrated, feeling peaceful, tranquil from within.

And from there stems peak dynamism. So infinitheism, we have taken a decision, starting this 11/11, which is infinitheism day, every eleventh, we will introduce a new guided process, to achieve very different things. To program your subconscious, to free you of emotional hurt, to deepen your love, to bring out bliss, happiness, joy.

To ensure there is a deep level of guided hypnosis to strengthen your subconscious mind. So, we are going to have many guided processes, on the eleventh of every month. And we are celebrating this infinitheism day with this first guided process to lead you into a state of deep restfulness.

Not only the body has to be in a state of relaxation. The conscious mind and the subconscious mind also has to be in a state of restfulness. So, the way we’re going to do it is, guide you through practicing emotional tranquillity. Then have a sense of closure, by practicing self-appreciation and self-analysis.

And getting rhythm into your breathing. And eventually guiding your body into a state of deep restfulness. Clinical science reveals, if you rest after you become tired, at best you can only replenish energy. Which means, you’ll never get energized. That is why for a lot of you, even after an entire night’s sleep, instead of bouncing into life full of energy. You drag yourselves through the beginning of the day.

However, if you can discipline yourself to rest before you become tired. Energy does not just gets replenished, in fact, you get energized. Your energy levels actually increases. So, through this guided process, eleven minutes can change your life, all I ask of you every day, eleven minutes of your time.

That does not include this explanation. The process itself is eleven minutes of guided relaxation. So, probably watch this video a couple of times so that you understand the concept.

But every day I suggest, either before an important examination or an important sporting competitive event or anything that demands peak performance out of you during the day or towards the end of the day to ensure, that you are not in a disturbed state of sleep, but you are in a deep state of sleep.

After you get done with all your technological distractions, as the last thing before you go to sleep, sitting down or lying down. If you’re going to do it as a group, do it through the speakers. If you’re going to do it alone, I suggest with earphones, headphones. Just play this and participate in that process of eleven minutes. When the voice of Mahatria gently guides you into a state of deep restfulness.

And within a few days, I promise. There’s going to be a shift in your energy levels. And when there’s a shift in your energy levels, there will be a shift in your peak performance. Get ready for a life as a peak performer. Get ready to live a life, absolutely inspire.

Get ready to live a life where you live your life as energy on the move. And it all begins by first learning to merge into the world of deep restfulness. Let the voice of Mahatria take over you from here on. Very, very gently please close your eyes. Relax… Relax… Deeply relax… Let’s get drawn into the world of deep restfulness…

The more and more we get our emotional state right, the more and more peaceful we feel within. The more and more peaceful we feel within. The deeper and deeper is our state of restfulness. And one of the ways to get our emotional state right, is by practicing gratitude.

Gratitude is considered the mother of all virtues. Make this one emotion a part of you. All the other beautiful emotions follows, feel a deep sense of gratitude for this day of life. For this today in your life. Let your heart swell in gratitude. For this day of life. Every today is life’s gift to you.

And you can have it no other way. Whether it was an easy day, a tough day, a extraordinary day, it doesn’t matter. Every experience serves your evolution in that sense. Today has evolved you into a better version of you. So, feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude for today.

Self-appreciation is a great source to develop a very healthy self-image. So, scan your day and find something that you can truly feel appreciative about yourself. What is that one thing today that you got it so right, you feel like patting yourself? Smile… Feel the joy, that you got something right today.

Similarly, self-analysis is a great source of self-development. When the feedback is from the world, you might be ego involved. But there are no ego barriers, when the feedback is from you to you. What is that one thing you could have done better today?

What is that one thing you know that if you ever do it again, you’ll do it much better than the way you did it today. With gratitude, self-appreciation and self-analysis practiced. The mind is quiet, the emotions are stable and now it’s time to relax the body.

Take three breaths… Inhale life… Exhale your stress… Inhale energy… Exhale your tiredness… Inhale health… Exhale all the bodily discomfort… I’m going to be counting eleven to zero. And as I go on every count, let your body move deeper and deeper, deeper and deeper, into a state of deep restfulness.

Eleven… Ten… Nine… Feel an engulfing peace. Feel the peace descending in you… Eight… Seven… Six… Feel so much of tranquillity. So balanced. Absolutely tranquil… Five… Four… Three… A deep state of restfulness, drawing you into it. Merging into a state of the deep restfulness… Two… One… Zero.

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