11-Minute Guided Meditation For Inner Peace


The glory of numbers, is enhanced because of zero. That seemingly nothing zero, actually brings value to everything else, the numbers. The beauty of rhythm in music, is because of the silence that punctuates the rhythm. The glory of everything that can be called music, is in that nothing called silence. That’s such an integral part of the rhythm. Is it the flooring, is it the walls, is it the ceiling, that actually constitutes, a home, a office, a temple? It’s the space in between, that actually brings value to these encompassing material of floors and walls and ceiling.

Even in this body, it’s not the 600 muscles, it’s not the 206 bones, it’s not all those internal organs. It’s that air, that’s life. It seems in the design of life, the value of everything depends on nothing. Similarly, in the spiritual seeking, to know what is your true glory? What is your origin? Who are you? What are you? When you go beyond everything that you can perceive, observe, experience. Then you transcend all these sensory perceptions. Layer by layer.

The noise within settles. And when the noise within completely settles, there is this nothingness that engulfs you. And in experiencing that nothingness, you truly experience your inner glory. Which makes everything else about you valuable. What is it? Rather than intellectually trying to understand it. I want you to experientially experience it, through this eleven minutes. Can, in fact, will change your life. Thank you.

Get ready for a deep inner experience. Let the voice of Mahatria take over you from here on.

Very, very gently please close your eyes.

The fundamental spiritual question, even before you ask yourself, who am I? Is to realize, whom am I not? What am I not? Perceiver plus the perceived creates perception. And it’s important to realize.

Whatever you perceive, you’re not that you are the perceiver of the perceived. But whatever you perceive you’re not that, Neti Neti by negating that, I am not this, I am not that. Neti Neti.

Anything that I’m able to perceive, I know I am not that, I’m just the perceiver of the perceived. Progressively, the noise within settles, and the silence encompasses you. Let’s begin this journey of experientially realising, what am I not? The very fact that I language, this is my house, this is my car, these are my clothes. It’s evident. I own them and I’m not them. Neti Neti.

I am not anything that I possess. I don’t know who I am, but I know who I am not I am not anything that I possess. I can perceive my body. I can feel the aches and the pain of my body. The hunger pangs, the thirst induced by my body. The very fact that I can perceive my body. I possess this body, but I’m not this body. Neti Neti. I am not what I can perceive. I’m the perceiver of the perceived. I don’t know who I am, but I know who I’m not.  I’m not my body.

I can observe my thoughts. I judge my thoughts; I comprehend my thoughts. The very fact I can observe my thoughts, I can read my thoughts. I’m not my thoughts, so I’m not my mind. I have a mind. I have thoughts, but I’m not that. Neti Neti. I don’t know who I am, but I know whom I’m not? I’m not my mind. I possess a mind, but I’m not the mind. I can feel my feelings. I can see my emotions. I can clearly see what I go through when I go through different emotions, positive, negative, emotional disturbances, emotional high.

I’m able to discriminate one feeling from another. I desire one feeling and not the other. I want to be filled with certain feelings, and I want to transcend certain feelings. The very fact that I am able to perceive my feelings and I know I’m the perceiver of the perceived. Neti Neti. I know I am not my feelings. I possess these feelings, but I’m not my feelings. I don’t know who I am, but I know whom I am not.

I am nothing of what I can perceive. And I am everything that’s beyond perception. Everything is external to me. Everything is outside of me. Then who’s this me? Who am I? I realize whom I’m not. Experiential, intellectual and right now, through the process of elimination, Neti Neti. Neti Neti. I am not this. I am not that. I am not anything that I can perceive. Nothing extroverted as me, so in the deepest of my introvertedness. Who am I?

Can the perceiver become the perceived? Can the seeker become the sought? Can the observer be observed? Can the witness be witnessed? Beyond all this noise as all this settles down. As the divine silence engulfs me in the state of quietude. In this moment of nothingness. In this freedom from time and space. In this very moment. In this aloneness. Who am I? What am I?  I can feel one with the whole. And I can feel the whole. One with me. Carry this inner glory into your life.

Very, very gently. Please. Open your eyes.

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