11-Minute Guided Meditation To Celebrate The Blessings Of Life


Let the voice of Mahatria take over you from here on.

Ver very gently close your eyes.

Why me, Lord? Why me for all the blessings? How blessed I am!

I will no more ask, “Why me, God?” for all my troubles.

I will only ask, “Why me God, for all my blessings?”.

Why me, Lord? The more and more I count my blessings,

the more and more I realize how blessed I am.

The more and more blissful I am becoming, just by counting my blessings,

all these words have a new meaning in my life.

Bliss. Ecstasy. Celebration. Festivity. Euphoria. Exhilaration.

Something within me is dancing.

The music within me is not stopping. I can feel the dance within.

I can hear the music within. How blessed I am!

The smile isn’t stopping. The dance is continuing. The music is intensifying.

And my Lord, I am flowing blissfully.

With my heart beating, “Why me, Lord?

Why me for all these blessings? Why do you love me so much?”.

“Can I ever fathom your love? Can I ever fathom your love?”

Flowing blissfully.

Very, very gently. Please, open your eyes

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