2 powerful insights to GROW IN CONFIDENCE


There are only two sources to develop confidence, not sustaining confidence, growing confidence, confidence has to keep growing. There’s no question of stagnant. Because any one of you is stagnant and confidence, next time when you face a new challenge, a little nervousness will come back to you. A diffidence will come to you. A sense of inexplicable fear. All of you go through this. You go through moments in life when you face an unknown fear. You’re not able to describe the fear but you know you’re going through a fear.

That’s because you’re going through a period of stagnated confidence, your confidence is not growing. When your confidence is not growing but the challenges of life keep growing, it never stops. No aspirational person in life is ever free from challenges. So, at any given time you’re facing new challenges. This is not just materialistical. Even if we are only spiritual aspirations. In fact, spiritual aspirations has more challenges than materialistic aspiration. Because cleansing oneself, purifying oneself is no easier thing than achieving a materialistic goal.

And in the case of most of you, you have both materialistic and spiritual aspirations. So, any aspirational person is facing challenges and these challenges keep growing, the higher and higher you go, greater the challenges of life. So, if you’re ever encountering nervousness or this unknown fear, it’s because you’re going through a period of stagnated confidence. Your confidence is not a growing confidence anymore. And you want your confidence to keep growing, there are only two sources from which your confidence can keep growing.

One, to do what you thought you cannot. To do what the world thought you cannot or to do things that you have never done before. Both will contribute to the growth of your confidence, which is contributing actually to the quality of yourself image, which in turn will ensure that you utilize more of your potential. Which in turn will manifest as performances, which in turn contribute further to the growth of the quality of yourself image and that is how you commit to yourself to a life of expanded cycle.

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