Month: November 2019

Are You Ready To Give Up?

  There is a scientific way to understand spirituality. But before we even begin to understand the science of spirituality, it’s very important for us to understand that we break this compartmentalization that we have of ‘this or that’. Somehow, we have been handed over this fallacy into our head; you have to give up …

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Enemy is within You

  In many of your cases, the greatest enemy to the possibilities of what you can become or not become, the enemy is not outside, the enemy is within you. And that enemy is our own mind. Thinking against us. If one of them sitting here is holding a knife and chasing somebody else with …

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What is above God?

  Somewhere, one day in silence and the introspection that followed, a series of revelations unfolded. And I realised, in the bottom of human growth and development is “knowledge”. We go to schools, we go to colleges, we acquire knowledge to understand how to live life. Somewhere at the top of that, when you have …

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