Month: December 2019

What Is a Relationship

  First find out whether there is respect for woman potential. Two, find out if there is compatibility of values. Most relationships, whether it is recruitment of senior people into an organization, or marriage, or partners coming together to build a business, most relationships that fall apart, fall apart eventually because there is conflict of …

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Nothing is Impossible

  For a minute go back and find a renunciate sitting under a Bodhi tree. What was his chances he can build a new consciousness to the world? But didn’t he. When the first discourse of “Swami Chinmayananda” was delivered, only four people listened to him in Pune. But did he not create a renaissance …

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Feedback is Essential

  One of the fundamental qualification to be a parent is they should complain. Okay. So, so take this learning, it’ll help you a lot. I will not allow my parents to anymore complain about this. They will find something new to complain, okay. Otherwise they are not parents. So, this is one fundamental qualification. …

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Celebrate Your Originality

  It seems in a classroom one girl suddenly got up and screamed insight, insight. The teacher immediately asked, What’s your insight? And it seems she said, I just now realized, why I’m always miserable in life? Why? The teacher inquire. The girl said, I just now realized, even if I’m the world’s greatest plum, …

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Develop a Karna in you

  When you have 1 rupee if you do not have the heart to give 10 paise and all of us from middle class background, background I said, I don’t believe many of us are middle class anymore, background. Okay. But all of us from a middle-class background continue to buy this mental philosophy and …

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The Power of an Idea

  “Napoleon Hill” said, “God” never gives you an idea without the power to achieve it. Why did that idea come to you? Why did this thought that I can build a 1000 crore company come to you? It didn’t come to others. Though, all of you were in the same seminar. In the same …

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