3 Traits It Takes to Be Truly Great


‘The knowledge you gain from reading numerous books, the wealth you donated to others’ welfare, the happiness you feel in the progress of others, in all these deeds, God is present’.

Whether you read Valmiki, or you listen to Kannadasan, everybody is saying, when you develop some right qualities, it elevates you to greatness. If I can develop my intelligence through proper education…

And I see myself as a leader… who is a leader? Somebody who’s ready to share his prosperity for the upliftment of the world, and if you are a beautiful human being… who is a beautiful human being?

Somebody who genuinely feels happy when good is happening to others. If all these three traits, if you are a scholar, if you’re a leader, and if you’re beautifully hearted, in all these three, you will experience God.

Essentially, Kannadasan is saying, practice the right qualities…

You don’t have to go in search of divinity, it has to come in search of you.

Develop the right practices, you don’t have to go in search of money, money has to come in search of you.

Everything must be naturally drawn towards you, everything must be magnetised towards you, you don’t have to go in search of anything, everything will come in search of you. Make yourself right.

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