A Revolution Is Possible


When you’re deprived of something in life, rather than making you weak, it should make you resolute and you should tell yourself what I suffered, others will not suffer and I will work in this direction.

Making being born poor can either make you sulk in self pity or being born poor can give you that resoluteness and you say, I know what it is to be poor, now I’ll ensure I become so rich, I become so successful, I become so wealthy, that I will ensure a few poor people in the world, through education and employment I shall provide will not be poor in life.

I was deprived of a great childhood, I will ensure that I parent, my children in such a way that they have the best childhood that they can be.

I did not have an education system, which recognize my potential and capability. Just because I was not good at studies, they outcasted me.

I will build an education system in which children will not only be celebrated for the studious abilities, but children with other talents will also be celebrated.

Every deprivation can either make you weak or every deprivation can make you so resolutely strong. You can trigger in your own rights a small revolution.

All revolutions in the world were born out of men, who are deprived of something and they resolve their individual deprivation or the deprivation of the society at that time will not be the deprivation of the future.

And that gave them that resoluteness with which they work and they built a new future which we call revolution.

You don’t have to be a social revolutionary, within your family, part of your parenting. As a sister, you can teach your brother to respect the woman in his life.

If you can accept what is, is, you can channelize your entire energy into what can be, can be. That can be done.

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