Teacher’s Attention Is A Blessing | Celebrating Teachers | Part 3


If one teacher amongst this thousand can go back on a Monday class and your eyes had always oscillated between the front row and the last row and somewhere your eyes can spot one of those individual sitting in the middle, who is not catching the attention of anybody and all of that is required is the eye of a teacher. In their direction he saw 12 ordinary people became a apostles.

He volunteered to serve him and a coward of a “Kshatriya” in “Arjuna”, just because his attention fell on him, stood up and won the war of righteousness. He just walked into the jungle and the monkey grew up to divine promotions and became “Hanuman” in the presence of “Rama”. And hardcore atheist egoistically arrogant and his ego was annihilated by one kick of the teacher and the world got to experience a “Swami Vivekananda”.

An absolutely useless student and from a staff room one voice came, Hey, come here and his life has never been the same again. I’m a great believer in the potency of a teacher’s attention towards a student and you can be a turning point in their life and there’s only one expectation from you that you will walk on a Monday morning and find one of those and you get another one year to groom the child and that’s all. “That caterpillar will become a butterfly because of your attention”.

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