An Idea Never Fails


An idea never fails. The business model with which the idea is executed only fails. So, never have to give up on an idea, but you should never stop asking, where is the bottleneck in the business model? Taking care of your health by walking, working, climbing steps, working in the field, carrying loads which you’ll have to carry, commuting from one place to another place, was a natural part of human life. We always did that. Something as natural as that, somebody was able to put a business model around it. And today it’s called a multi-billion-dollar fitness industry.

So, we go, we take a car, which gives only three or four kilometers per liter mileage, and go all the way to the gym, and on the treadmill, we walk! And we don’t mind paying for it. Now you can laugh, you can see the lighter side, but the fact is, somebody saw a business model can be built around that. And fitness is today a billion-dollar industry. We all eat in our houses. My mother was good in cooking South Indian, your mother was good in making Gujarati, her mother was good in making sweets, her mother was good in making Punjabi, and once in a way as friends, we always wanted variety. So, I’ll come to your house, and you’ll treat me with Punjabi. You’ll come to his house, and he’ll give you idli-sambar, they’ll go to that house, have dhokla and come. This was called society. Somebody saw and said, “Hey, there is a business model here.”.

And food industry, is a trillion-dollar industry in the world today. We do not hesitate. Any time you want to eat something different, or what they are cooking in the house, better. We don’t mind going to a restaurant, paying through our nose, experiencing it, and come back. Entertainment was seen as an expression of talent. I know to sing, I will sing, few people will listen to me. I know to dance, so I’ll dance. I know to express, so I’ll put a group together, and in street corners, there used to be theatrics, so people will come and perform a live show drama. Everybody will get entertained, was an act. Somebody realized we can put a business model around it. Entertainment is a multi-trillion-dollar industry in the world.

People who know, have to teach people who do not know. This is the natural social formation. And somebody put a business model to it, and education is a multi-billion-dollar industry across the world. Spirituality. Somebody put a business model around it. We have a spiritual economy today.

An idea never fails. Every idea is a trillion-dollar idea, if you know to find the right business model around that idea. So, anyone in business, if you’re not seeing as much money as you should be seeing, you don’t have to qualify the idea. But you definitely have to challenge the business model and ask, “Where is the limitation in the business model?”. And I cannot change a business model if I’m not ready for drastic shift in the direction of my thinking. I stay in the habitual patterns of thinking.

I keep doing the same stuff. I keep getting the same results. I do what everybody does. I keep producing the results everybody does. I live like everybody; I struggle like everybody. If there has to be a breakthrough from that, I should dare to change the direction of my thinking and challenge the business model. I’m again repeating to all of you, leave alone saying an idea never fails, only a business model fails. There is no small idea, there are only small business models. Just small business models.

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