Are There Bad People In Your Life?


Lot of people say, “I don’t have any bad friends”. Define a bad friend. No, none of my friends’ drink.
Who told you drinking people are bad people? And who told you people who don’t drink are good people?

Venomous, I can tell you. There are a lot of wonderful people, who in your criteria do not pursue a habit which is right. Because somebody practices something that is… in fact, I remember telling this to an infinitheist smoking, drinking – explicit weaknesses, doesn’t bother me much.

Jealousy, implicit weakness; your own sister is not happy about your own progress. Venomous. Venomous. Lust, desiring for things that’s not yours.

Lust is not necessarily an extension of needing the opposite sex. Desiring for anything that’s not yours. Implicit weakness.

A mother-in-law not being happy that her own son and daughter-in-law are so close to each other. Poison. Venomous.

Your best friend is not able to handle your own success, envious of your success, thinks that you are lucky that’s why you have succeeded.

Your best friend. There are people in the world, if you’re an underdog, they are a sweetheart. You struggle, you’re not doing well, you’re an underdog, they are a sweetheart in your life.

The moment you start succeeding and you become independent, you’re not an underdog. They cannot handle. If I’m above and you are below me, I’ll give my life for you. If I stay here and you go up, I won’t let you live peacefully. There are people like that.

There are so many people in the world where as long as they have the upper hand and you are below them, that’s the best version of themselves.

They cannot handle that you can go ahead of them. They will not be able to handle. I am not happy you’re happy, so I cannot accept your happiness. There are people… implicit weaknesses. My judgment of you, comes from my criteria. It has nothing to do with you.


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