Are You Doing Justice To Your Potential?


One of you come and gift this kerchief to me. And it’s your gift to me, and I see this, and I say, “Kerchief as a gift? What nonsense.”, and I throw the gift. Have I abused only the gift, or have I also abused the giver?

Abusing the gift is abusing the giver. Having potential within you, is a gift given by the creator to you. Abusing the potential within you is abusing the giver of that gift.

After that, you shouldn’s say that you’ll recite Sahasranamams and do Suprabhatams. You’re still abusing it.

You came and gifted this to me. And right in front of you, I said “Thank you.”, and I put it inside my pocket. And ten years later, you see I’m still using it. Cherishing the gift, is cherishing the giver of the gift.

The greatest prayer any one of you can offer, is not what you say on a Sunday morning church, or a Friday morning namaz, or on a Thursday in front of a Baba temple, the greatest prayer any one of you can offer to your God is to live such a life, that He feels it was worth giving you the potential that has been given to you.

That you are doing justice to the potential that is given to you.

It starts with the body. It starts with this body. I want you to believe that living a healthy life is your responsibility. It is not a choice, it’s a responsibility.

You’ve been given such an immaculate system. Immaculate system, and the body is just begging you, saying, “One hour a day, take care of me, and I will take care of you for twenty-three hours a day.”, that you cannot do it? If your body had a voice, this is what it will tell you.

“Hey master, I have been designed in such a way, I cannot take care of myself. But if you can take care of me for one hour every day, I can, in turn, take care of you the remaining twenty-three hours.”

Let me speak businessman language, because you understand. Money is telling you, “If you give me one rupee, I’ll give you twenty-three rupees.”. Will you give or not?

I’m giving you monetizing option, not demonetizing option. I’m giving you monetizing option. And this is exactly what your body is saying.

“Take care of me for one hour a day, and I will take care of you for twenty-three hours.” And this moment, I want you to decide.

Starting tomorrow, you don’t have twenty-four hours in your day, you have only twenty-three hours. One hour is already given to the body, and cherishing the gift is cherishing the giver of the gift.

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