Are You Going To Change Because People Judge You?


What sort of a life will your life be, if your entire life shifts into this paradigm that I’ll have to pass the judgment of the world, I have to live up to everybody’s judgment.

You know what’s the first casualty in this? You lose yourself. You no more know who you are. You cannot even recognize who you are. You lose yourself completely.

That is when depression comes. That is when your confidence takes a beating. That is when you tend to withdraw. That is when you don’t want to socialize anymore because you feel so many people see, then so many judgments, I don’t know what they’ll think about me. That is when you begin to shrink.

My point is this… This judging world will judge and move on. They don’t care what happens to your life. When those lines of tears keep running through the cheeks of Sashi Chordia, there are only 2, 3 people in the world who will even, forget about coming and wiping your tears, there are only 2, 3 people in the world who will even notice your tears, the rest don’t care whether you cry or not.

My question is, ‘Should you be bothered about all the judgment of the world that doesn’t even know when you cry or for what you cry?’ It makes news out of you.

One man creates employment for 7000 people. One man shows that you can build a food brand that is at national level, one man builds a brand that is called as India’s version of Starbucks, one man creates a brand which has created so many youngsters to have their evening leisure in that place, it’s a concept.

And one man has finally committed suicide. It’s news for people, it’s gossip for people, it’s opinionating for people, it’s judgment for people.

If there is anything, you have to feel, if there is anything, you have to appreciate the good work, but suddenly there is meat for gossip for everybody.

I can understand, who should judge? If there are people who have trusted him and invested on him, they’ve to find out how to recover, they’ve to make a judgement out of it.

Rest of the world, the fact is that in the years somebody has lived, he has shown how you can be a start-up and what sort of a brand… he has shown you this.

The world doesn’t care. Except 3, 4 people nobody cares about your tears and the world will judge. Till when? Till they get the next person to judge.

You keep the hair, they will talk about you. Your hair falls, they’ll talk about you. You colour your hair, they’ll talk about you. You cut your hair, they will talk about you.

They will judge. And you’re going to change your life because they judge you, because they opinionated you? You’re going to change the way you talk, the way you dress, the way you look, the way you feel comfortable with, the way you feel peaceful, so you’re going to hide your tears because the world will judge you if you cry.

And the world that’s not going to stay and judge you, they will judge you and move on to the next judge and the next judge and the next judge, they’ll keep judging.

You’re not peaceful a single day in your business and you realize that you can’t be an entrepreneur, and some people are not meant to be entrepreneurs.

Some people cannot be employed, and some people cannot be entrepreneurs. And every cell of yours is saying, go back to job or every cell of yours is saying, go abroad and settle down or every cell of yours is saying, go and start agriculture and there’s only one thing that’s stopping you from living the swadharma of your life, ‘What will the world say?’ Who cares?

I’m honestly saying, the world does not care. When I am judging about your crying, I am not caring about your crying, I’m just judging.

By considering you as a success or a failure, I am not bothered about whether you’re a success or a failure, I’m just judging. Whether you’re dead or alive, whether you’re struggling or peaceful, whether you’re having a loving family or it’s a nightmare for you in the family, I don’t care. I’m just judging you. For everything they will judge.

Just because you think I’m good, I don’t become good. Because how much do you know about me for you to say I’m good. Just because you think I’m bad, I don’t become bad, because how much do you know about me for you to judge that I am bad.

Your judgment is simply your judgment. Your judgement does not define me. You understand what I’m speaking. Understanding isn’t enough, liberation is required.

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