Are You Living by What You Know?


Who here does not know what is right and wrong? We don’t need a program to explain to us what is right. In fact, all of you sitting here, like Duryodhana said, “Mahatria, I know what is right. I am not able to indulge in it.”. Some of them will even take notes from this program, so that they can deliver this speech next Wednesday, in another Rotary meeting. Everybody knows everything. The question is, am I practicing what I know? Our challenge is not ‘We do not know’. Our challenge is ‘We do not do’! And knowing doesn’t mean anything, if you’re not practicing it.

I have seen… I can understand a layman smoking, because he doesn’t know what is the damage! A doctor knows, what is the damage. A doctor can explain to others what is the damage and doctors smoke. Now how do you… If you don’t know what you’re doing is right or wrong, somebody can help you. You are a doctor. You know what happens to your system and yet you keep smoking. Who can help you? So, this program is not about giving you some information which you are not aware. Everybody knows what is right, not able to indulge in it. Everybody knows what is wrong, we are not avoiding it. So, what we require is not some more information, we need transformation and transformation needs intensity.

You cannot listen in a relaxed state of mind. You have to be intense. It has to come and hit you. I cannot do the program without intensity, you cannot absorb the program without intensity. Some sentence, one sentence will come between now and six o’clock. I don’t know which sentence and the transformation for you and the transformation for your sister will not be the same. The transformation for you and the transformation for your best friend will not be the same. Because what hits you will be different from what hits her.

And it has to hit. If Mahatria is doing a program till six o’clock and nothing hits you till six o’clock, you should offer yourself for research. You’re a case study. So, when I stand in front of my audience, my thought process is very clear. We are all Duryodhanas of different degrees. We all know what is right, not indulging in it. We all know what is wrong, not avoiding it, but of different degrees. Ten percent Duryodhanas. Twenty-three percent Duryodhanas. Seventy-two percent Duryodhanas and some Duryodhana reincarnates. Where Duryodhana will have a complex, “This person is worse than me!” And the entire scope of this program, is to reduce the percentage of Duryodhana within us.

If by six o’clock, if something which you already know is right and you have not been indulging in it… and starting from December 12th, not from January 1st. Starting from December 12th, if something that you always knew was right, but you have not been indulging in it, if you can start indulging in it. Something that you always knew was wrong and if you can drop it today, not tomorrow. If you can drop it today, by the time you leave at six o’clock. If, assuming, whatever cigarette you smoked before you came in was your last cigarette. If somewhere you can give up that abusive language, if somewhere there is scarcity thinking in you, and that gets dropped.

There was a moment when Arjuna was despondent. Eighteen chapters later, he was restored to greatness. Somewhere, if that can happen and that will be the greatest success of this program, even if it can happen to one of you. One human life well-lived can become a turning point to the world.


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