Are You Making Everyday Count?


I understand time management is not clock management, but it’s life leadership. Because you heard a counsellor say, unless you invest one hour a day in your marriage, it’s not going to grow any better. So, immediately you decide, from now onwards from 7 o’clock to 8 o’clock in the evening I’m going to be with my spouse. It’s not a mega serial which can start at 7 o’clock and end at 8 o’clock. It’s not the amount of time, it’s the quality of time. Sometimes two minutes with the beloved. With hundred percent of your involvement will make-up for the day much more than being with two hours.

When I asked a lot of people, do you have family time? They say yes. I asked them, what do you do? They say, we all sit together and watch TV. That’s called TV time, it’s not called family time. Family time is a time when we can look into each other’s eyes. Family time is a time when you can argue with each other and end it with a smile. Family time is somewhere where you can disagree with each other and appreciate the different perspectives that exists. Family time is a time where you asked your child to sing in the rest of the family sits and celebrates the performance of the child.

Family time is a time where you sit together and pull the leg of your father by recalling some incidents, which he doesn’t want to be reminded upon. Family time is a time when mummy takes a dig at dad, recalling some of the past instances which she put up with at that stage and today she reveals him to the world. Family time is a time where you don’t know why you are laughing and it ends up with tears. And family time is a time when it starts with tears and you don’t know why it ends with laughing and that is family time. Not sitting and watching. You and your laptop and she with a television and he with his mobile and all of you inside one room that happens even an airport.

And that is not called time together. I understand time management is not clock management. Give away from this. Do not fill your life with activities and think you’re doing a lot. Fill your day with accomplishments, with significance, with purpose. If you have to make a major decision and break from the comfort of your comfort zone to create the humongous possible. Make that daring decision in your life. Ask yourself this question. Is this what I want to do for the rest of my life? The answer is no. Then the time to make the decision is today not even tomorrow. Even if a concept of rebirth exist, you will never be born again in this name and in this form.

There’s the only chance you get to be you. Please don’t miss yourself and let the world not miss you. Give your best to the world and the world let it experience the best of you and that comes only when you have this innate feeling, my life is on life leadership. I am making everyday count and I’m not just counting my days. Putting days into life is aging. Putting life into days is growing. Keep growing holistically. Keep growing peacefully holistically. Keep growing peacefully holistically doing something which your heart really wants to do and in that find ways by which you can become successful.


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