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As an extension to Mahatria’s vision of awakening the world to a life of holistic abundance, infinithoughts, an exclusive monthly holistic growth magazine, has been changing lives for the past 2 decades.

infinithoughts is more than a magazine. Spirituality, Religion & Science, Management, Selling, Relationship, Marriage, Parenting, Adolescence, Psychology, Finance, Health, Clarity in thinking, Stress management, Science of living – every aspect of life finds place in infinithoughts.

In short infinithoughts is a manual on life.

Mahatria’s Wisdom

Through Destiny Designing – handwritten by Mahatria, regular ‘Q & A’ columns and various other sections, Mahatria provides clarity to every reader to lead a flourishing life, both materialistically and spiritually.

Inspirational Content

The content of the magazine is further enhanced by inspirational stories, quotes, growth-oriented posters and thoughts of great masters.

Your Growth Companion

infinithoughts is a guide to right living… it shows you the way. It makes you think and develops your analytical abilities. It motivates you, urges you to become better – to become the best you can be.

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Destiny Designing

Keep going… Life paves the way for a resolute soul.

Demonstrate staying power.  Hold on a little longer.  Resilience is simply the ability to get up one more time.  If life pushes you down 10 times, show it to yourself and to life that you have it in you to bounce back 11 times…

Keep going…  Life paves the way for a resolute soul.

Life is a Puzzle... ...With a Solution

I think I have a spiritual streak in me. I want to live as a renunciate, but I am equally scared, what will I do with my life after giving up everything else?

Start from where you can start.  Desire health… desire self-mastery… desire willpower… desire progressive attitude… desire them all so much so that you outgrow all the self-created hurdles that are preventing you from achieving what you want.  Even this is renunciation. 

Unspoken Messages from Scriptures

Lessons from Kite Flying

“Even a simple phenomenon, when viewed with heightened awareness, can unfold new avenues of learning.  Every moment, every encounter, every activity and every experience have within it an unspoken message.  There is something even in nothing, and there is everything in something.  Live consciously, moment after moment.  Hear the unheard, see the unseen, feel the unfelt… unravel the unspoken.  Remember, you are an evolving consciousness.”

Mahatria Clarifies

Life is all about Relationships

I believe that life is one that should be full of abundance.  But my husband does not want to make it big in life.  I have a feeling that if I become more successful than my husband, it will cause a strain within our relationship.  How best can I sort this out?


I have been unsuccessful in doing away with jealousy, anger… and such negative emotions towards people.  How can I overcome them?

An emerging field in medicine is psycho-neuro-immunology.  Ever since cancer treatments began to successfully use 'visioning' to encourage patients to mentally fight their cancer, the medical community's interest in positive thoughts and feelings for health has grown.

Mahatria Speaks to Gen Next

I aspire to make it very big in life.  My close friends feel that my goal is too big, considering what I am today.  Sometimes I also go through these thoughts.  How do I build self-belief?

Bumblebee is an insect with disproportionately small wings compared to the size of its body.  Scientists from aerodynamics have concluded that a bumblebee cannot fly for this very reason.  Fortunately the bumblebee does not understand science or the scientists.  So it keeps flying.  You can be a bumblebee.

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