Be a Spontaneous Lover


Being born as a human being is God’s choice, you couldn’t have executed that choice. With salute to Darwin, but the fact of the matter is, of the billions of life forms that exist, God has to make this choice, that you have to be created as a human being. Otherwise, you don’t take birth as a human being. Being born as a human being is God’s choice. And to be worthy of that choice, you will love everything that is life. Suppose one of you… This is the only material I have, so I’m again and again taking it out. Suppose one of you come and hand this over to me, as your gift to me, and I examine this and say, “What nonsense.”, and I hurl it down. Have I abused the gift, or have I abused the giver of the gift?

Simple question! One-mark question. One of you came and gave me this gift. Lovely! And I put it inside. Have I cherished the gift, or cherished the giver? Abusing the gift is abusing the giver, cherishing the gift is cherishing the giver. And that giver chose to create you as a human being, and that giver chose to bestow this faculty in you, that you can love. And it is in living up to the human potential that you have been designed and making yourself a spontaneous natural lover in every moment of your life. That spontaneous sensitivity, to feel with the feelings of other people. That you are cherishing this gift of being born as a human being, and thereby cherishing the giver of that gift.

By notsmiling, by not laughing, by not having the ability to shed those deep tears of emotions, and by not being an embodiment of love, you’re abusing the gift of human faculties, and you’re abusing the giver. It’s not about telling a Gayathri Japam, or it’s not about going around fourteen kilometres. It’s not about fasting for nine days. It’s not about whether you pray for five times a day or not. It’s not about all the slokas and chantings that you learn to recite.

It’s about living up to the human being that you are designed to be. In cherishing the gifts that has been bestowed upon you, you cherish the giver of that gift. So smile, laughter, tears of deep emotions, and the ability to love, when it becomes a natural part of you, for the first time, you’re living as a human. Not as a human possibility, but as a human reality.

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