Be The Change You Want To See | Inspirational Speech

There was this father. I know you’ve heard it but puts in context. There was this father who, always used to come home and read the newspaper, which was his habit, and that day also he was reading the newspaper, and his little daughter kept on telling, “Dad, play with me, Dad play with me!”, and her father wanted to know what are the scandal in the world, he was very focused on that. You know, children are very adamant, and the child won’t give up.

And the father came up with a moment of brilliance and he saw a full-page advertisement of a world map printed there, of an international courier company about where all they deliver it. So, he tore that entire sheet of paper, tore it into multiple pieces, scattered it all over the floor, and told the child, “Dear, this is your jigsaw puzzle. Assemble the world map properly, and then I will play with you.”, and he continued to read the newspaper. In less than ten minutes, the child got the entire world map right.

The father looked at it, and he was stunned. He knew he could have never done that. Looking at his expression of shock, it seems the child said, “Dad, I know why you’re looking so shocked, but when you were tearing it, Dad, I saw there was a face of a man on the other side. Dad, I don’t know where New Zealand should be, where Canada should be, where India should be, where America should be. But Dad, I know where nose should be, where forehead should be, where ears should be.”.

And it seems the child said, “Dad, I got the man right, the world became right.”.
One, instead of going on thinking about what is not right in the world, and who is not right in the world. If whatever limited time that all of us have in this lifespan, if that entire energy can be focused on getting ourselves right, you get yourself right. Let her get herself right. Let him get himself right. And one at a time, we can get the world right.

Two. Rather than only thinking that this is not okay in this country, that is not okay in this country, and hence I will go and settle in whichever country is okay. Every country has its own share of challenges. Just because the neighbouring aunty looks very beautiful, she cannot become my mother. My mother only is my mother.

And I have certain responsibilities towards it. While there will always be a generation which will feel, India is not okay, so I’ll go and settle in a country which I feel is better for me. I think if a few of us can say, India not being okay is the very context for me to be a responsible citizen, I will make it okay.

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