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Clean up your room

You might also find the precious key to unlock your mind! If you’d been thinking, could there be someone who didn’t like to go for …

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God is watching over

If you can believe that there is a Higher Power watching you, taking care of you, sending you strength and wisdom to face the tribulations, …

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The master key

What is the master key for all relationships? Two years ago, my husband, Kishore and I dropped off our eighteen-year-old son, Arjun at his university …

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Follow your heart

Our inner voice will continue to guide us and goad us along the right path.    As I was taking my class, a voice from …

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It is all about timing

This fine-tuning will fast forward our timing. A close friend of mine looked unusually withdrawn and quiet during a get-together last week.  A little bit …

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I am He and He is Me

Here is a loving attempt to explain the bliss of love… On whom has the ‘Idiot Box’ not cast a spell on?  There may be …

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Arm’s Length

This will sort out many of your little cares! Last Sunday, I went to a temple more so to give a ‘courtesy’ call to the …

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This is the pathway for back-to-back success! Way back in December, Anshul set a goal to lose 15 kg!  With three months of hard work …

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Reaction and Response

How can we gift ourselves this maturity to shift from reaction to response? What is the difference between reaction and response? Reaction Reaction is a …

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Biological clock

Your body is tuned to a system.  Hence, systematise your routine and stick to a schedule.  This will go a long way in living a …

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Air traffic control

Search the beyond, explore, count your thoughts, and challenge your sight.  Let us not just try to get a share in the pie, can the …

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Mind your thoughts

If you want peace and joy in your life, learn to think positively… At the start of the cycle of Yugas, that is Sathya Yuga, …

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Building the bridges

A bridge requires thousands of hands to build, but a relationship requires only two hands. Last week, I took my wife for a long drive …

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The most valuable gift

How are you treating your gift? What is your most valuable possession?  If you have ever asked yourself this question, then you will know that …

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Follow up thoughts

It is not the chaos of thousands of thoughts that occurs to me; it is only this follow-up thought that defines me. It was a …

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Thank God it’ s Friday

What is professionalism? A phrase too familiar for the white collars, isn’t it?  Who amongst us have not been waiting for that Friday to end …

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Idea of an Idea

What makes a blueprint a reality? Ideas are a dime a dozen; all that matters is execution.”  I realised the true meaning of this adage …

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I am more good than bad

‘Potato is not good for health’ is a wrong notion.  It contains lot of nutritional values.  But it all depends on how one eats it …

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Golden Opportunities

A tutorial to draw gold into your life… We often hear statements such as: grab the opportunity, seize the opportunity or window of opportunity.  These …

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Floral Surrender

One trigger is enough if you are ready… As soon as I wake up in the morning and thank God for giving me another beautiful …

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