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We can train our mind to immediately think positive whenever we face a stressful situation.

Most of the health problems are psychosomatic because the body and the mind will impact each other.  Our thoughts will have influence on our physical health and our physical health will influence our thoughts.  So anything can start in the body and can enter into the mind or vice versa.  Most of our problems have two edges to them, they can be tackled through the mind and through the body.  In a way we can say we are not two separate entities – body and mind, rather it is body-mind.

When you lack physical strength to do anything, the mind can do nothing except agreeing with the finicky body and just keep quiet.  Your mind too may be weak to oppose.  While it should be mind over body, the unfortunate scenario is body over mind.  As a result, you end up being obese and issues grow in life.  Either you change your mindset or change your physical action of doing something when you feel lazy.  Each problem needs to be tackled both ways at the same time; it has to be attacked from both the perspectives.  That’s when man can be cured hundred percent.

Whatever you do physically affects the mind.  Whatever you think affects the body.  They are interrelated.  So, no matter what you are doing physically, do not think that this is just physiological.  Do not wonder how it would help any transformation in the mind.  If you take alcohol, what happens to the mind?  Alcohol is taken in the body, not in the mind; but what happens to the mind?  Or you go on fasting.  Fasting is done by the body but what happens to the mind?  So often we get to hear statements like ‘my mind is not very strong’, ‘I am easily distracted by my friends’, and ‘my willpower is very poor’.   Before we can make our mind strong, let us first act on the physical level.  The first place to work is your body, since it is the gateway to the mind.  The body is gross, it is easily manipulated.  First the body has to be freed of all its accumulated structures and at the same time your mind has to be inspired so that it can start moving upwards and can start dropping all the loads that keep it down.

In the first half of the 20th century, William James and another scientist named Lange elucidated what came to be known as the James-Lange theory.  Normally we say you are afraid and that is why you run away; because you are angry your eyes get red and you start beating your enemy.  But James and Lange proposed quite the contrary.  They said that because you run away you feel the fear; and because your eyes get red you feel the anger.  They said if it is not so, then we want to see even one instance when the eyes are not red and the body is not affected, but the person is simply angry.  Do not allow your body to get affected in any way and try to be angry – then you will know that you cannot be angry.  First bring a shift at the level of the body.

In Japan they teach children a very simple method to control anger.  They say, whenever you are angry, abstain from doing anything; just start taking deep breaths.  Whenever the situation provokes anger in you, just start taking deep breaths.  Try it, and you will not be able to get angry.  Why you cannot become angry when you take deep breaths?  There are two reasons.  If you start taking deep breaths, it is impossible for you to get angry.  If you are consciously taking deep breaths, then the anger cannot express itself.  Anger requires a different breathing pattern.  You need not attempt to breath in that pattern.  Anger will do it itself.  With deep breathing you cannot get angry.  And secondly your mind shifts from anger to breathing.  You are no more focussing on anger; the body is not in a state to be angry and the mind has shifted its concentration to something else.  Then it is difficult to be angry.  That is why the Japanese are more self-controlled people.  It is just the training from the childhood.  So let us make the changes at the level of the body.

Surprise, shock, fear and depression often overwhelm the person who suddenly becomes ill.  However, while the diagnosis may be sudden, it’s likely that the disease would have started a few years ago.  Many diseases are preventable, but we first need to acknowledge that it can happen to anyone, including ourselves.  Our lifestyle, eating and physical activity, habits create a context for wellness or disease.  Though we may not have much control over genetic dispositions, we can take full responsibility for the lifestyle.  If we don’t, who else will?  Health is optimised, one decision at a time.  When it comes to building better health, intent is everything; but it needs to be followed up with action of choosing the right food.  You can use food to your advantage in order to enhance your performance, prevent mood swings and keep your mental energy levels high?  Hence, anything you eat matters.  Even the snacks you carelessly eat play a significant role.  Design your eating habits today to make the changes at the level of the body.

Keep on hearing at your home, school or place of work… words like joy, I can, happiness, inspiration, motivation, faith, etc.  When we keep having positive thoughts from our childhood, the chances of having a control on our life will be higher.  It is amazing how words can make a huge difference to your mind. Mahatria always says, “You can change yourself if and only if you change what goes into your mind.”  Be very careful about what you say and how you say them.  But, how can we make the tongue to speak more positively?  The answer is autosuggestion.  Every day morning making a small ritual of repeating a positive phrases ‘I am becoming healthy’, ‘I am choosing to be optimistic in every situation’, ‘I am growing in every aspect of life’.  Do not underestimate the impact words can have on your mind; each day is another day to help yourself grow.   And we all will have a bright side if only we can look a little deeper in our hearts and lives.  Thus we can train our mind to immediately think positive whenever we face a stressful situation.  So let us make the changes at the level of the body.

Walk confidently even when you are nervous, talk loudly even when you are fearful, give autosuggestion to yourself when you are feeling down, pep up your fist when you feel discouraged, choose the right food when you are feeling depressed, write a letter of gratitude when you are feeling lonely.  The body is gross, it is easily manipulated.

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