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Can an unpleasant incident create so much happiness?


Resolutions are commonly made before the New Year commences or perhaps on the 1st day of a New Year, isn’t?

But I’ve got the habit of making resolutions every time I finish reading a motivational note.

7th of Oct’15 was my scheduled week off and after reading a great motivational message.

I decided to enjoy every bit of my life with vigour no matter how many challenging opportunities come my way.

That phase of my life was extremely doing my head in because I was working as an IT professional in the corporate sector.

My daily routine from dawn to dusk has been chaotic due to which I had challenges in managing time for myself and family.

I felt that I need more focus on myself in spite of my chaotic lifestyle and started listing my list of bliss to implement them.

I planned to shop and spend quality time with dad and mom in my favorite restaurant.

Everything went on well as I planned, and my hero (my mind voice!) abruptly said that I seemed bubbly and was fishy about all the happenings.

It sounded weird, but I smiled and ignored it.

We commenced heading to the restaurant in 2 two-wheelers.  Both of them were navigating me with the route by taking the lead and I was following them in my vehicle.

It would’ve been hardly 400 meters for us to reach the restaurant from the shopping mall.  However, my dad insisted me to wear the helmet.

I felt silly wearing them for a short distance, still, I denied to deny his word as a matter of respect and my mom watched me throughout to ensure that I follow them because she is someone who still treats me like a kid and worries if  I might get lost somewhere.

I was smiling and admiring them as I kept following them.

Guess what?  In the next few seconds, my vehicle was out of my control and got skid.

I screamed the most powerful mantra in times of crisis ‘Appa’, in order to alert my dad that I’m not okay and I need his help.  I could see both of them rushing towards me.

By the time they could approach me, I realized that my head was banged on the road but there wasn’t any head injury.

Praise be to my dad and his helmet insistence!  I found myself lying on the road and passing out.

I never supposed that I’m going to be alive. But, fortunately, even in the unconsciousness I heard the voice of the love of my life, my dad, yelling my name which indirectly told me – “No, this is not the end and we will not let anything happen to you”.

I consistently kept repeating myself that I’m going to be alright…  somebody brought some water to help me stay conscious.

I felt better after a sip.  However, I was unable to neither straighten my legs nor place my foot in a stable position.

Mom affirmed that it’s a fracture by her prior experience.

Though I was bedridden then, I grew stronger and happier than I’ve ever dreamt of and this wouldn’t have been possible without my parent’s love and support.

We rushed to the hospital, where necessary medications were given and I was informed to be under bedrest for the next 2 or 3 months.

We started heading home; as I was unable to walk, my dad lifted and held me like an infant.

I couldn’t believe the fact that I started a few hours earlier from home dancing and while returning I’m being carried.

It was more of a happy pain for me.  My dad cuddled me tightly and was whispering, “Oh god, I wonder why my baby is going through this phase…”.

Though I was in misery I started observing the situation deeply and I found that I got a chance to live the life I’ve always been longing to live.

From then for the next 2 months, I felt like living in a paradise.

I was extremely glad that I had my parents doting on me at home all the time!

We ate together, watched TV together discussed so many matters of concerns with each other.

At the end of the day, I always felt overwhelmed by the affection they showered on me.

I bet no one, except our parents can love us this way!

Normally, in movies as I watch parents storing the memories of their kids’ growing phase as a video.

I used to wonder how I would have been and felt when they were around being a kid.

Though I’ve missed it, this phase of life was even more special because after this fracture, I had to walk with a walker for support and wheelchair at times to travel long distances and the best part was I had 4 more legs to walk along with mine by holding me tight.

It was literally like the parents trying to hold their baby and encourage when the baby is trying to take its first baby step from the crawling stage.

What more would I need in life?

Though I was bedridden then,

I grew stronger and happier than I’ve ever dreamt of and this wouldn’t have been possible without my parent’s love and support.

Anything and everything I enjoy today in my life is all because of them.

No matter how much we do for our parents it can never compensate for what they have done for us.

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