Life awaits

Excitement – What are the return gifts life is expecting from us?


My colleague was all excited as we were having a casual chat during our tea break.  His wife was about to deliver a child in the next couple of days and what more reason would one need to be so excited?  That was his first child and I felt very happy for him.  Every time someone asked him about that, he would speak with the same enthusiasm as the first time, “All preparations are done!  Hospital has been finalized!  Doctors are very positive!  Baby seems to be very healthy!  We are awaiting delivery any day now!  I cannot wait to see my child!”  It was such a sight to see his eyes lighting up every time we spoke about the long-awaited happy news.  The arrival of a new life to our existing one is indeed such a fantastic event and no normal human being can control the excitement while waiting for this God’s gift.

I have seen these wonderful moments in the lives of many friends, relatives and colleagues.  I have also seen the excitement reaching its peak when the child is born and the most precious gift of life being handed over to the parents, a pink bundle wrapped in a clean white cloth.  After a few months, despite the sleepless nights, hospital visits, untidy home, increased workload; the excitement still continues seeing the life that was gifted growing up and changing everyday in an unpredictable manner.  No matter how much of effort is required to take care of this child, one smile or one gesture of love makes all the pain fade away and abundant love showers all around the home.  I have seen so many cute children on prams and car baby seats with their proud parents who have this statement, “My child is the cutest and smartest of all” written on their face.  Wow!  What a feeling!  What wonderful moments to capture for a lifetime!

But wait!  What happens after a couple of years?  Why the excitement level towards the same life drops as the child grows up?  In fact, in most cases there is hatred developed and so much of abuse happens in the relationship!  What an irony!  The same life for which we would even sacrifice our life, is not that valuable any more.  The smile from the same child for which we waited hours together, is now not even being reciprocated, when the child has turned a teenager or an adult.  Why this change in behaviour?  Why this selective display of love at various stages of the same life, the same gift from God?  Why cannot parents display the same unconditional love towards their children at all ages and stages of life?  When the child from birth to death is still a child to the parents and the bonding remains the same all life, why is there a difference during teen age?  Out of parent’s eagerness to make their children successful, are they linking the performance of the child in school or elsewhere, to the expression of love?

The gift of life, a child, is the best gift any living being can get on earth.  The very reason that we are alive today is good enough to celebrate life.  The very reason that a child was gifted is good enough for the couple to lead an abundantly happy life.  The very reason that we still have our parents with us is good enough to express gratitude to God all our lives.  The value we show towards life should never reduce.  In reality, the value only keeps going up as we learn more things and start contributing in the lives of others.  The life of a person on the death bed is of highest value since so many lives have been touched by this person and there are so many prayers to save this life.

Insurance companies depreciate the value of a person based on age.  I get so angry when they deny a policy because somebody is too old to be insured!  How sad to see the priceless value of the ‘intangible life’ being depreciated based on the ‘tangible body’ in which it resides.

Let us appreciate the value of life and not depreciate it with age.  Let us realize that in life everything that goes can come back but if life itself goes nothing makes sense after that.  It is time we realized the value of this priceless gift from God, a gift that we never asked but was given!

The same life for which we would even sacrifice our life, is not that valuable anymore.  The smile from the same child for which we waited hours together, is now not even being reciprocated, when the child has turned a teenager or an adult.  Why this change in behaviour?

It is time that we realize the value of every other life on this earth, because immaterial of the form in which the life resides; life is a gift from God.  Let us not underestimate any other life based on the form it comes with.  The gift is what is to be treasured and not the wrapper and the gift is to be handled with the same gratitude, no matter how new or old it is.

Let the excitement of receiving this wonderful gift remain in all moments of our lives.  Let us not take life for granted and shy away from expressing our gratitude to the giver.  Let us realize that we have been given something only because we can take good care of it and more importantly, let us remain happy for receiving the gift.  As individuals, let us be excited about this unique life and life form that we have been created with.  As parents, let us show the excitement of having the child all our lives.  Let us demonstrate our gratitude to the giver by treating the gift with respect and giving our best to take care, immaterial of the challenges life presents.  Once we waited for months together to witness the life we created; now, life awaits for our response to cherish it!

Life has done its part by coming to you, are you doing your part of treating it well?

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