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Minimize spillage with a Funnel…  Try this one

For a painter, there are options of thousands of colours to choose to begin his painting.  Even before he begins his first stroke, he needs to go through the array of colours to pick up his choice.  Imagine that he is overwhelmed with so many colours that he forgets to begin his artwork!

You go to a very big railway station, where several trains in different platforms are waiting to depart at different slots.  You are just amazed with so many options of going to so many destinations.  You read through the different stops of all the trains; but have not yet boarded a single train!

You enter a very big library in town.  It houses a huge collection – thousands of books, audio and video CDs available under various categories.  From the rare, old editions to the latest editions available, everything is arranged in a beautiful manner.  You are just amazed by the great collection, but yet to pick one!

Imagine that you open the Google search engine page and there was no search box to key in any text to start the search.  Instead you are given the complete list of all the websites in the world, without any proper listing.  Is it possible for us to get the web page we want?  Hard to imagine such a situation, isn’t it?

Imagine that my car has stopped on the highway for want of fuel.  Very nearby a tanker full of petrol is parked.  Yet, for my car to run, I need to fill the required quantity of fuel in the car’s tank.  In order to fill, all I need is a funnel to channelize the fuel from the lorry load to the fuel tank in the car.  If I can keep the right funnel with appropriate size and shape and ensure that the right fuel is filled, it is good enough to drive the car at its optimal level.

So many thoughts keep flashing through our minds all the time.  Some are new, some are old, some are routine, some are unknown, some are original and some are inspired.  You are very excited about the flow of thoughts and ideas.  Yet there is emptiness in the way life is lived.  Nothing seems to be moving.  There is a feeling of stagnation.

It is not about the availability of various options; it is all about the actual choice I make to begin my life.  In order to channelize all the wisdom to reality, I need to funnel the options through my intelligence to make my choices.  As I make my choices, I may not be making the perfect ones.  It is the benevolence of life to give so many more options to choose from all over again.  There are no limit to options; I only need to choose the one that will help me to make my next move.

There are billions of people around the world.  The world is much bigger than I can imagine.  There are so many cities and countries.  There are combinations of variety of cultures and beliefs.  There are so many proven methodologies and success stories.  There are so many new approaches, to be explored.  There are so many fresh ideas and winners and a lot more to come and go.  In all these, I have a choice to funnel through what makes sense for me to explore big in life.

Let us not get distracted or confused with the variety of options.  My purpose is not just to enjoy the enormity of the options available.  It goes beyond to make a choice, to pick one and move on in life.  In order to make the right choices, I need to funnel through the options to choose one and move on.  There are never permanent right or wrong choices.  They are just choices.  We need to make further choices to prove them right.  Maximum effort should be invested on executing choices, rather than analyzing options.

Google may be the most powerful search engine.  To tap its power, I need to know what to search, by typing what key word in the funnel (search box).  The results are unlimited possibilities.

It is no longer information age; it is now intelligence age.  My intelligence is in funnelling through the options to make the best move.  Keep your funnel sharpest to get the best.  Quality of the painting is the responsibility of the painter.  Whether your life is going great or not is completely your responsibility.  It is now time for action.  What is your choice now?

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