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Can we sit still, in the moment, and be aware of everything that is happening within and without?


Everything in this world and what the world has become today is a direct effect of this magic mantra called ‘Observe and Absorb’ gifted by Mahatria to this world.

Scientists practice this mantra every day.  They observe a phenomenon or an occurrence and absorb it to recreate it or to understand its application or effect on humanity.  All discoveries and inventions are a direct result of observe and absorb.

Our knowledge of the universe, the celestial bodies, the creation of life on earth, the development of various bodies of science like chemistry, biology, zoology, oceanology and many more were formed through our ability to observe the fundamental forces at work, absorb this knowledge, and classify and categorize it to pass it on to the future generations.

All medical discoveries, all the cures that humanity has found for various ailments, is a result of observing the body, its composition, the chemical secretions and absorbing this knowledge to create the chemical components called medicines.  Doctors observe the movements of various joints, different muscle groups in the body and absorb it to recreate spare parts to the original marvel called the body.

Life-changing concepts like epiphany, divine intervention or an ever-since moment in life happens to everyone.  Yet, we only witness a few ordinary people becoming extraordinary by using their ever-since moment.  These legends simply observe and absorb a fleeting moment of life where the magic of life was unfolding.  They just catch that moment of life where their history and the history of the world gets rewritten.

Observe and absorb is a process of quietening the mind, localising the mind where you are (where the body is), sharpening the intellect, and feeling the subtlety and life flowing through you.  When you become a witness to everything that’s happening to you, when you become conscious of every moment of life, you are elevated to your higher self.  It heightens your awareness so that you never miss a moment in life.  You tune into life and life becomes indebted to cause magical moments in your life.

When you observe and absorb, for the first time, you begin to respond to events and not react to events.  Many things said and done in life could have been prevented if only we took a few moments to observe and absorb what was happening at that moment and then respond.  The power of ‘now’ is born from our ability to observe and absorb.

It’s a process and mastery that’s achieved over a period of time.  It begins at a physical level through mere observance and absorption of events – from memory, we try to recall the event at a later point of time.  As we keep fine tuning this practice of observe and absorb, the mind too participates and begins to grasp the finer details.  As we keep the practice going, the body, mind, intellect and the emotional personalities within us totally observe and absorb.

In a stormy ocean, the turbulent waters can stand a bolster being dropped without creating any impact on it.  On the other hand, in a still water lake, endless ripples will be created even if a small pebble is dropped.  From being a stormy ocean, with a tsunami of emotions, a cluttered mind and discriminating intelligence, through the practice of observe and absorb, we can become a still water lake.  At this juncture, the totality of your being participates in observe and absorb.  There is harmony that is an integral part of you, and everything stems from this harmony.

As you observe and absorb your own thoughts and your feelings, you realise the futility of negativity in your life.  You realise you are full of emotions but there is no emotional drama in your life.  You become a solution for everything you face in life and there is a guru inside you, guiding you all the time.  You realise for the first time that the answers unfold from within you.  Clarity is a natural by-product of observe and absorb.

As you observe and absorb, you realise everything life-negative shrinks and everything life-positive expands.  The next time, when fear strikes you, rather than choosing to run away, hide or ignore this emotion, consciously dwell in the fear and witness the fear shrinking by the intellect deciphering the reasons for the fear and giving the counter choices to deal with the situation.

As you observe and absorb, you become so sensitive to the environment around you.  You see things, feel things that are beyond the bandwidth limited by the sensory perceptions.  You innately tune into the vibrations of the environment around you.  Even before your loved ones express themselves through language, you know one step ahead what and who needs your time and attention.  Grasping the finer details and the nuances of life is possible only through observe and absorb.

As you observe and absorb, you realise the giant of a personality that’s sitting within you, the limitlessness, the vastness, the oasis of resources you are.  You discover the atman within you, the infinite and the ultimate truth.  If self-actualisation is your goal in life, the first step is to observe and absorb.

As you observe and absorb, you experientially realise that God (atman, the ultimate truth, the all-pervading, existential energy, universal consciousness or any other name that you would like to call it) is nearer than the nearest.  You understand what all the scriptures are trying to make us realise – that God resides in us.

As you dissolve into the experience of observing and absorbing your faith, your idol, your altar, beyond a point, you cease to exist and your object of faith – your altar – takes over, dissolved and vanished in that experience, and you have your first glimpse of divinity.

All wars in this world were fought because of man’s inability to sit alone quietly.  All disturbances in life are a direct result of non-acceptance of ourselves and the environment around us.  If you want the Midas touch in life, if you want a magic wand to live life, simply observe and absorb…  And the magic will begin in your life…

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