The Pledge

Pledge is a form of commitment…

Almost seven years back, I was listening to Mahatria live for the first time in an infinipath – I heard him share insights on emotions.  At that moment, I was deeply moved and made a pledge to HIM, that I will stop sabotaging myself.  No longer will I be a drama queen replaying the sad saga of my life – which was genuinely speaking a mere 0.1% in reality as he had explained in depth.  99.99% of my life wasn’t anything short of being called a blessing in every way!

Over the years, every time I was conscious of

my promise, I’ve abided by it.  At times I may have faltered unknowingly – which probably to date I will not know!  And, there were times I allowed myself to swim in sad thoughts, thinking that it would help me feel better.  The tears flowed, but they only made me feel heavier in my heart, making me realise it was a mere outpour of emotions, and I wasn’t living up to my word.  Slowly, day after day, month after month, and today, many years later as I look back, I know I am emotionally at a new plane in life, honouring the pledge I’ve made to Mahatria.  The only full replay in life is of HAPPY MOMENTS!  I often find myself replaying the happy times, feeling the exuberance and joy, dancing to the music within, and knowing for sure that life is nothing, but HIS Leela!

Besides this, earlier a small trivial incident with mom, my son, with a friend, a neighbour or even with my home help or the driver could easily upset me!  I would question:

How can they do this?
How can they say this?
This is not done!

And my non-acceptance and questioning made me lose all my peace and happiness.  I have many a times shed silent tears of frustration or helplessness.  Looking back, I find myself laughing at my silliness today.  I recognise that, knowing I blew things up, and that the tears came from my frailty and non-acceptance.  Many a times, I’ve complained to my husband and spoken aloud about an incident to a friend.  None of them could undo anything, and it only made me feel worse as I had replayed with bitterness incident after incident, making myself relive the episode and making it more painful for myself to endure!

Often, I found myself revisiting the pledge, and in doing so, my reactions started shifting to responses gradually.  With growing self-awareness, watching my thoughts and actions,

I was becoming a new person.  It wasn’t easy at all to be in control all the time!  How do I stop myself from being hurt or disturbed?  I questioned myself and had a struggle within!  And as always, whenever I’ve had a question in my head or heart, Mahatria, in the following infinipath unfolds the answers.

“Learn to keep small things, small.  Losing one’s peace over matters on which you have no control is futile.  Accept spontaneously and move on!”

And acceptance became a life-transforming mantra to adopt.  Overnight I stopped getting disturbed by trivial matters.  Things happened as they always did – the small shift I made was not to waste my time in replaying them in my head.  When situations overwhelmed me – I learned to break them down and keep them small.  Thus, my reactions turned into responses to most incidents and I stayed light, refusing to be weighed down.  It brought about a significant shift in my life.  I discovered inner strength and the spring of happiness within by keeping small things small and learning to make big things small too!  So now with happy tunes playing in my head all the time, with my newfound responsive attitude, I had to learn to grow better at making and keeping peace with all in life.

Often, I found myself revisiting the pledge, and in doing so, my reactions started shifting to responses gradually. 

When it came to family, friends and acquaintances – I had my quota of people who I knew had hurt me – and I was very hostile towards them.  I had not burned many bridges yet – but surely, I did not ever look back to that forgotten road!  It was status quo, and I felt that was the best way to be!  Mahatria’s teachings stirred something within me – I read in the book ‘Unposted Letter’:

“In letting go of the hurt, you let in peace.  A peaceful you is a beautiful you.  The good news is you can be peaceful. The very good news is, it is in your very own hands. Drop the ego.”

With growing self-awareness, watching my thoughts and actions, I was becoming a new person. 

This struck me like lighting!  Somewhere I knew deep in my heart that I was breeding hurt and needed to let go to heal myself first before healing any relationships.   I must admit this teaching came to my rescue and is my life saver.  Thus, I started dropping hurt, feelings of pain and resentment from my life.  All this was possible as Mahatria insists on the importance of holding the right icons for every person in life.  That’s when I thought of every person as a precious coin in my life, and like every coin, each one had two sides.  I could choose which side of the person I would relate to.  It did not need to be a coin tossed that is left to luck or chance.  Since I was holding the coin, it was easy for me to see the side I wanted to!  And, I thank Mahatria for teaching me to have the prudence to make the choice the right side!

The icons I began holding for all started becoming right.  It was a bit of an effort initially to dig into my memory and find the right moment with all.  And once I earnestly looked, my search only got more comfortable.  It’s teaching me to date to look for the best, to be a good finder.  Now I feel I have a treasure of beautiful people in life and with the right icons I hold onto each one of them.  Life is simplified with these three choices – dropping the emotional drama, keeping small things small with spontaneous acceptance, and lastly, dropping hurt by holding onto the right icons.  Life is a blessing as I strive to live with these values every day and keep the pledge.

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