Wellness in… Illness out…

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Exhale the bad and inhale health…

Our human body is not the single layer phenomenon of what we see. It is entangled with many layers which we can’t see through our naked eyes. Every layer has a different purpose and function.

Physical, Prana, Mental, Intellectual and Spiritual are the different layers which make the human being, a holistic being. This complexity makes the human being unique. All these layers are functionally interconnected. If anything goes wrong in one layer, it will have negative impact on the other layers.

Generally, in all these layers toxins are accumulated day-in and day-out. Through breath, food, water, environment and through our negative thoughts and emotions, we accumulate or absorb toxins in these layers. At times we may not even know what we are absorbing and how we are absorbing.

These accumulated toxins are the very root cause for many diseases. Diseases of respiration, digestion and elimination and movement are also the manifestation of accumulated toxins. When they manifest as diseases most of the time, we won’t even relate with it to the accumulated toxins. And obviously for healthy life these toxins need to be eliminated at frequent intervals.

When we look back at our traditional system, so much of importance is given to elimination. Literally diarrhoea and vomiting were induced at frequent intervals. Once in every 15 days, it was mandatory to consume some form of native medicine to clear the stomach. Weekly once oil application to the entire body was practised basically to eliminate heat. Long distance walking was part of the lifestyle which enhanced circulation and breathing capacity of the individual. Knowingly or unknowingly in every form, elimination was practiced which kept the older generation healthy.

Our body has a natural mechanism to eliminate these accumulated toxins. Generally, toxins are eliminated through exhalation, excretion and lymphatic drainage. Our respiratory system is taken care through exhalation. Our digestive system is taken care through elimination. Our movements and immunity are taken care through lymphatic system.

Our lymphatic system drains the unwanted fluids accumulated in between the tissues and allows free movements. This system transports antigen presenting cells to the lymph nodes where immune response is stimulated. For better movements and for better immunity effective drainage of lymphatic system is essential. To enhance the lymphatic drainage muscle pumping mechanism is very important. To enhance muscle pumping mechanism, movement is essential. By improving the circulation, movements make the joints healthier.

For better elimination, elongated exhalation, increased circulation and free and smooth excretion is essential.

By practising these two simple things we can eliminate toxins from different layers. And those two magical words are ‘Exercise and Breathing’.


To eliminate toxins from digestive system, respiratory system and lymphatic system we need to do some form of exercises especially aerobic exercises. Aerobic exercises involve major muscle groups especially larger muscle groups of lower limbs. Pumping of these muscles ensure there is good circulation throughout the body and towards the heart. When the circulation is more, it enhances the lymphatic drainage. Enhanced lymphatic drainage improves the immunity levels by activating the better immune response too.

Any kind of aerobic activity like walking, jogging, running, swimming, cycling, dancing will have major impact on breathing pattern. Since aerobic activities have direct impact on enhancing the functioning of the cardio-respiratory system it will enhance the breathing capacity of the individual. When aerobic activities are done consistently breathing gets regulated. Both inhalation and exhalation get elongated. And obviously elongated exhalation will be useful in pushing out the accumulated toxins.

Continuous rhythmic aerobic activities also increase the intestinal motility. Increased intestinal motility will cause free excretion.

Action is health. Movement is health. Elimination is health.


Breath is a wonderful tool that connects the physical layer to the rest of the other layers. Breathing not only eliminates toxins from respiratory, digestive and lymphatic system, it works at even more deeper levels. Regulated breathing cleans the nadis, the subtle channels through which the prana or life force flows. Diseases are nothing but block in the prana flow.

There are various types of pranas. In respiratory disorders prana gets blocked. In digestive and eliminatory disorders samana and apana gets blocked. In movement disorders vyana gets blocked. In immunity disorders udana gets blocked. We don’t need to remember these various names of prana; we only need to remember that blocks in the prana in various regions manifest as various diseases.

So, to clear the blocks, to eliminate toxins from various systems let’s breathe deeply. Especially let’s focus on our exhalation. Let’s exhale longer and deeply. Let’s exhale our worries, tensions, anxieties, negative emotions too. Let’s deeply exhale… Exhalation will relax us deeply. Patanjali sutra illustrates focussing on exhalation can be meditation.

Focussing on breathing can enhance exhalation, free excretion and circulation. Focussing on breathing will increase immunity. Focussing on breathing will clean the mind, calm the mind, soften the mind. Focussing on breathing will clean the prana layer. Focussing on breathing will increase the energy levels tremendously. With increased energy levels and calm mind, the journey will be joyous in the path of health.

Exhalation is health. Relaxation is health. Elimination is health.

Let’s moveeeee…

Let’s breatheeeee….

Let’s push illness out and welcome wellness in…

By practising these two simple things we can eliminate toxins from different layers.

And those two magical words are ‘Exercise and Breathing’.

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