Why is Blue the Colour of Infinitheism?


“Christ” believed, there was contamination in the name of religion. Enormous contamination in the name of religion. What was lacking was pure hearted people. Whether it was thought out or not, but psychologically over a period of time that deprivation that should go became the color of Christianity. That is how the white came in. “Islam” unfolded during very difficult times of starvation in the deserts and that deprivation there was green, greenery.

And something that should address the deprivation, weather they thought about it or not, but that’s how it evolved. The deprivation of when a messenger of a place happened, eventually became the color as if he’s coming should remove that deprivation. I really think economic backwardness is the greatest sin of India right now. And as a result, the sin of the world. In the name of religion which queued in enormous amount of contentment.

We have made a nation learn to be happily poor. Now, unless they get dissatisfied with their poverty, they are not going to come out of that poverty. So, if it is at a time that “infinitheism” happened, the greatest deprivation has been abundance then let evolve into a color which will remove the deprivation that exists now.

That’s for the first time something of spiritual significance happen, which does not just create a shift in the quality of life of people, but also in terms of the standards of life that’s create, that surplus in every form in this world and that is how blue evolved and that is why blue is the color of “infinitheism”. What can be holistic abundance? Oceaness, immeasurable. Abundance will be immeasurable, ocean, the skies and that is how blue came into the picture. Blue represents abundance. Immeasurable.

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