Build Your Own Brand

Brand building is an art. It’s an art. It’s a subject by itself. I don’t think the guy who owns the technical ownership of a product should be involved in brand building. Because, brand building is about the perception of the benefits. The emotional attachment that people have. It has nothing about the technical features or capabilities that you have. Anybody who has the technical ownership of a product, you’re actually boring I’m telling you. So, you can never build a brand. Because you will keep coming and talking about why we have replaced carburettor with fuel injector? I don’t want to know all that Okay. You will come and talk about how as a result there will be no more pollution in the environment because I don’t want to know all those things. I’ll tell you what is brand building. When standard 2000 car was launched and that time it was 1,60,000 rupees, when you could buy a Maruti at 95000 rupees. And there was one of these must be a politician the way he was dressed, he looked like this. He went around the car and the salesman – I happen to be there in the showroom that time, which is now VST motors in that corner at Woods road. The sales manager was showing the car around and he was seeing sales manager was not talking about it has that this horsepower engine. It has fuel ignitions, nothing. He just showed the entire car around, open the door and told that politician just sit here. So, the politician was about to go and sit in the driver’s seat. And the sales manager told the politician, do you drive your own car. He said, no, driver only drives. Then that’s not the seat you should test, come and sit in the back. Because eventually you should feel from the seat in which you will enjoy the car. Think that’s what just come and sit. So, he went back and he sat there in the rear seat. And as he sat, there’s a salesman and said, till now in India for your status there was no car. Now we have a car. That is brand building.    

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