Biological clock

Your body is tuned to a system.  Hence, systematise your routine and stick to a schedule.  This will go a long way in living a healthy life Do you wake up early on weekends even though you don’t want to?  Have you ever suffered from jet lag?  If so, you are probably feeling one or …

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I am more good than bad

‘Potato is not good for health’ is a wrong notion.  It contains lot of nutritional values.  But it all depends on how one eats it and what are the other ingredients that are added to it that determines its good or ill effects on one’s health.    I am more good than bad.  My name …

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Body Gateway to the mind

Body Gateway to the mind

We can train our mind to immediately think positive whenever we face a stressful situation. Most of the health problems are psychosomatic because the body and the mind will impact each other.  Our thoughts will have influence on our physical health and our physical health will influence our thoughts.  So anything can start in the …

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Smokeless Tobacco

Smokeless Tobacco

Tobacco, in any form, is injurious to health.  There’s no such thing as a safe tobacco product.  All habits start very small, but don’t end small.  Better not to begin, rather than to struggle to quit. Do you like having worn out gums?  Oh, probably do you enjoy chronic bad breath?  Then are you in …

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Knee- Know Your Knees and Say 'No' to Pain

Know your knees…

We underestimate the importance of the knee joint. It’s important that we take care of it.   The knee joint is the primary weight-bearing joint of the body. The knee joint is the complex joint responsible for the functionality of the body. The locking and unlocking mechanism of the knee joint allows one to comfortably …

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Prana in Food

Eating the right food is good not only for the body but also for the mind. Can we live without food? Probably for a few days but not for a lifetime. Can we live without sleep? Probably for a few days, but our thinking will become erratic if we do not get proper sleep. So, …

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Triple ‘E’ solution

Here is a solution to make one’s mind healthy! Mind doesn’t stay in the same state all the time; that is, it’s nature. Mind keeps fluctuating to different states effortlessly. In fact, keeping the mind in single state needs enormous effort. Buddha said, “If you can stay with the breath for 7 minutes without disruption, …

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Let’s Celebrate

Is there a link between celebration and health? Read on to understand. The dawn of 2020, like any New Year, will certainly propel people to take New Year resolutions such as losing weight, quitting smoking or chewing tobacco/paan, overcoming laziness and so on… Sometimes, certain occasions or events create in us a desire or a …

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