Idea of an Idea

What makes a blueprint a reality? Ideas are a dime a dozen; all that matters is execution.”  I realised the true meaning of this adage very recently.  About a couple of months ago, when I met my friend Sherlin, she excitedly shared, “Babita, listen, I have got a brilliant idea and want it to happen!  …

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Doer to Mentor

It’s all about knowing when to let go of what… Lal was the Chairman of a global corporation.  Being a jet-setter made him experience different time zones month after month.  He had to counter challenges in different geographies, cultures, economies and laws.  Amidst all this, he would handle the routine humdrum of top management ego, …

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Weeds and seeds

Two scenarios… and a valuable leadership lesson for warm relationship with everybody. Scenario 1: That was his daughter’s birthday. Ragav had promised his wife Mohana and his 4-year-old daughter Smitha for an outing in the evening. It was agreed that he would come by 6 p.m., and all would go to the beach side restaurant. …

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Yours sincerely

What are the attributes of a sincere person? Of all the qualities that help human beings create their own future, irrespective of how their past has been, ‘sincerity’ is of paramount importance. During the first year of under graduation, thanks to my poor communication skills, I was a laughing stock amongst my batch mates.  At …

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Kalam Salam

A poignant account about one of India’s greatest Presidents written by one of his closest associate… Read on for insights! This is neither a eulogy nor a catharsis but a snippet of my contemplations that I penned after Dr. Kalam passed on…  Every experience I had with him as his colleague and as his personal …

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