Detached Attachment

Detached Attachment

What’s the difference between relating with our loved ones and outsiders? I was travelling in a train.  Normally, during such journeys if I don’t find anyone sitting around to befriend, I would start reading some book or listening to some music.  But, if I find someone around, I would volunteer to talk to them.  In …

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How much of it do we allow? Leanardo Dicaprio won the Golden globe award for best actor in Jan 2016; he also became (in) famous in the internet for an awkward incident that happened during the awards ceremony.  Startled and somewhat annoyed when Lady Gaga squeezed past him on her way to collect her award …

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No second chance

No second chance

I had been to one of my friend’s houses to pay my last respects to his deceased wife, and to offer my condolences to him.  She had been suffering from a prolonged illness but all throughout, he had been a pillar of support to her. While returning home, my thoughts took me back to bygone …

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Broken Bone

Broken bone…

Can an unpleasant incident create so much happiness?   Resolutions are commonly made before the New Year commences or perhaps on the 1st day of a New Year, isn’t? But I’ve got the habit of making resolutions every time I finish reading a motivational note. 7th of Oct’15 was my scheduled week off and after …

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Giving Back

Nature, Here is a solution to be happy and peaceful…   Man is an intelligent being and lives in a society.  To improve the standards of living of society, scientists continuously seek to discover new technology and machines.  These are done by utilizing the endless treasures provided by Mother Nature to make our lives comfortable …

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Love people not things

Relationship, Are materialistic things more important than human relationships?   Kavita aunty, a complete chatterbox and a live wire, left after a month’s stay with us.  My calm and quiet husband wondered from where she gathered the stamina to talk non-stop at the age of 70.  The bedside table in our guest room wore an …

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One love

Do we know what love is?  Love enriches our lives… During my teenage years, I did not understand what love is all about.  First of all, I never heard this word in my house.  The first time I heard the word ‘love’, it was in movies that I was very fond of watching.  Almost every …

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The Pledge

Pledge is a form of commitment… A popular advertisement has the tag line – ‘A diamond is forever’ – against the backdrop of a woman being lovingly embraced by a man.  There has always been a certain enigma  about these gorgeous gemstones.  A diamond is made of ordinary, everyday carbon – but the process it …

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The chocolate bomb

Sometimes we can learn life lessons from ordinary things! Within moments of proposing the idea of going to a restaurant for dinner, an automobile carrying the five of us was heading towards Little Italy.  In the car, Pallak and Piya, amongst themselves, had already locked upon the menu for the evening.  The singer in Yogi …

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