Floral Surrender

One trigger is enough if you are ready… As soon as I wake up in the morning and thank God for giving me another beautiful day, I unlock the kitchen door and step into the common area of the residential complex in which I live.  It comprises a seven-feet-wide passage lined with flower pots lovingly …

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Ways of life

Life Expectations – He who accepts all will survive anywhere in life…   When we are interested in doing something, we are ever ready to do it for expectations.  Recently, I was very tired and wanted to go to bed. Just then, I noticed ‘infinithoughts’ on the table and soon after that I changed my …

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happy events The Chocolate effect

The chocolate effect

Happy Events – The chocolate effect in Life.   Savour what is beautiful in your life, swallow and forget the unpleasant.   Our family doctor always sported a cheerful and happy look.  He treated his patients with care and concern and always had a happy joke or two to share. In all circumstances, good or …

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The fountain fathom

Beautiful, everything in life has meaning.  Life is magical and beautiful.  And that beauty is there for all…   Nature is healing and rejuvenating.  It is more healing to my mind and body than any medicine or cure.  I look forward to my day with an early morning walk or jog.  One day, while walking …

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moment Magical Mantra

Magical mantra

Can we sit still, in the moment, and be aware of everything that is happening within and without?   Everything in this world and what the world has become today is a direct effect of this magic mantra called ‘Observe and Absorb’ gifted by Mahatria to this world. Scientists practice this mantra every day.  They …

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Honesty, If we live life with honesty and integrity we not only benefit ourselves but society as a whole. My assistant carried out a cent percent audit of a tiny little company. The managing director of the company was an honest man. At the conclusion of the audit, there weren’t any worthwhile audit queries or …




Science validates the truths which spiritualists knew long before… In Quantum physics, there is a phenomenon called ‘Quantum Entanglement’ which riled Albert Einstein that he called it ‘spooky action at a distance’.  In layman’s terms, quantum entanglement is a term used to describe how individual particles which was once a whole, now separated physically many …

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I for Identity

The Working of Universal Mind and ‘I ‘ stands for intellectual, identity, inspiration too… When we, by chance, stumble upon a quote. Our brain to work and to rethink what we might have missed to understand. That’s what happened as I came across the following line. “When things don’t happen right away just remember it …

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