Are Challenges Pulling You Down?


Here we are talking about an individual who just decided. If I have to be happy only when there are no challenges in life and that’s going to be only beneath the earth. If you are breathing there will be challenges. There is no air without contamination. There is no day without night. There are no roses without the thorns. And there’s no life without challenges. One wrong inhalation in an environment an airborne disease can get into the rest of us. That’s how fragile this body is.

One little food poisoning and you won’t be able to wake up to another morning that’s how fragile this body is. And there are challenges from known and unknown forces. Yesterday choices will bear consequences today and we don’t know whether those consequences are favourable or not. Each one of us encounter on a daily basis factors way beyond our control. And here’s the lady who has understood. They don’t have to run on the same track. Let challenges of life run on one track, let my happiness run on another track.

They go parallel, which means I’m still solving the challenges of my life happily. Now when I run both on the same track, then there will be challenges and there sometimes will be happiness. When no challenge, there will be happiness. When there are times when I am not happy, that’s because right now I’m solving challenges. And which means once in a way you will feel, not once in a way means period of life. 6 o’clock in the morning you will be in top of the world and you will boil milk and it will get spoiled.

And it can happen. It can happen. Just some sediments settled in the base of the vessel that Vim that Sabina, whatever it is, whatever you keep using, which has not been cleaned properly is enough and the what milk will get spoiled and can happen. Then one phone call comes, some good news there. Top of the world. Then you realized servant maid is not coming today. Bottom of the world. Then your child reproduces all the answers that you had asked her to study.

Amazing. Top of the world. One socks is their another socks is missing. Day-to-day issues in every house that happens. Bottom of the world. Driver has come on time so now children can be dropped in the school. Top of the world. Keys are missing. Bottom of the world. We are able to leave five minutes early, so today we’ll reach school on time. Top of the world. One corporation lorry is clearing that garbage bin. They can come anytime.  Okay, anywhere they will park.

And you won’t have any clearance. Bottom of the world. Today “Mahatria” took infinipath with a lot of humor. Top of the world. Today “Mahatria” took infinipath and it looked entire infinipath he was pointing at all my mistakes. Bottom of the world. I follow some other guru and “Mahatria” spoke good about that guru. Top of the world. Today he said, what freedom nonsense, it has not contributed anything to the world. Bottom of the world. But I think that lady realized, the reason happiness is only a punctuation in the long journey of life for many officers, we are running our life and happiness on the same track.

This runs on a separate track and they have to be dealt with these issues and challenges of life and it is eternal. My happiness, my quality of life, my state of being that runs in a separate track, and both have and on the strength I derive from the track of quality of my life, I will deal with all the challenges of my life on the other track. And so, she’s internally happy.


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