Does Anger Take Control Over You?


When Alexander had come to India and Aristotle had asked Alexander that, “Get me an enlightened person from India as a gift” and how he got to know that there is somebody who was meditating under one of those trees and he looks like an enlightened person.

And how Alexander goes there and keeps on calling out to him; all his battalion also is calling out to him and that man is unmoved in meditation; and then in anger, ‘Knowing that Alexander the Great has come, you will not open your eyes?”

Very angrily, very, very angrily. Then that man opens his eyes. Then very, very angrily Alexander says, “I’m going to take you with me. You have to come with me.” And he said, “I will not come.” I have no desires so I’m not coming.

In absolute rage, Alexander draws his sword out. Saying that “You come, or I will behead you.” Unmoved, absolutely equanimous, just out of meditation, so he is still there in that state, and he tells Alexander, “After you behead me don’t go and tell anybody in the world, you’re Alexander the Great because there’s no greatness in you. You are my slave’s slave.”

The moment he says, ‘You are my slave’s slave’, it jerks Alexander’s awareness and he realized that he needs that man. ‘So why am I getting angry with him? Then how will he come?’ So very gently he puts the sword back in and tells him, “What do you mean by, I’m your slave’s slave? And the man explains, “Anger does not come to me unless I want, it’s my slave. Anger comes to you whenever it wants; you are anger’s slave, so you are my slave’s slave.”

Essentially saying that, can I attain that level of mastery where I choose the direction of my thoughts; I choose the direction of my feelings; I choose them.

It’s not about after this I will never be assertive, it’s not that after this I will not sometime… because there are times in the world where the world only understands certain tone. But is it coming by choice? Or am I possessed by it? Who is in control of what? Bottom line, mastery.

Who is the master of your thoughts? Who is the master of your feelings? And we all will falter. We all will falter. It’s the journey…

And you are not going to progress in this journey where every time you find yourself faltering, every time you find yourself making a wrong decision, every time you find yourself falling short of standards.

If all it does is it emotionally rattles you, shakes you, you become harsh on yourself, you start immediately judging, ‘I don’t think I’m capable of all this.’

Don’t do too much of internal drama, ok you’ve understood, you’ve fallen short on standards, just be aware. In consciousness anything life-negative will shrink.

Just by becoming aware a few times that I fell short of my standard; I fell short of my standard; I fell short of my standard, on that aspect, you’ll not fall short of your standard anymore. In fact, your consciousness will elevate yourself.

Now you start recognizing, I lived up to my standard; I lived up to my standard; I lived up to my standard. And that becomes your nature, it becomes a permanence, because in consciousness, anything life-positive expands.

As long as you’re not a stranger unto yourself, a little slip and a little fall is OK, but you should not be a stranger unto yourself, you should be aware.

It’s not about somebody making you aware. You have to be aware. As long as you’re able to watch yourself, you’ll find that, you’re automatically not only raising the bar of your life to the standards that you’ve set for yourself, something even more interesting happens, the bar of your standards itself keeps increasing.

You don’t live up to the same standard that you set. You feel, I think I can be better than this. So somewhere there’s this eternal striving, eternal dissatisfaction, eternal catching up, eternal arriving, you never arrive, because by the time you find that you’re repeatedly living up to the standard, for example, right now this example, almost all of us have reached the stage where there’s no more violence in action.

Now we’re saying can we reach that stage where there’s no violence even in your thoughts?

Then we will say, can there be no more violence even in your feelings? That occasional negativity that possesses all of us.

A little envy here, a little jealousy there, a little begging here that I should have been appreciated for this, I was not appreciated. I should have been recognized for this, but I was not recognized. I should have been applauded for this; I have not been applauded.

Somewhere that little begging. How long will I keep on loving? Why can’t I…

So somewhere you’ll find that there is still, you’re letting down… You’ll keep raising, just by being conscious of yourself.

You will not only raise yourself to the standards that you’ve already set for yourself. You will raise the standard itself. And that is where that entire beautiful process of man being an evolving consciousness.

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