Everyone Has a Role to Play


Somebody should sing, somebody should dance. Somebody should play an instrument. Somebody should make such beautiful things in life and somebody is required to enjoy this beauty in life. Somebody will create. Somebody will enjoy what is being created. Somebody will lead. Somebody will follow. “Rama” will happen. “Hanuman” will happen, and “Rama’s” value is because of “Hanuman”.

“Hanuman’s” culmination is because of “Rama”. It’s been life has been made like that. This background is required for the solo. Just take away these green leaves, these flowers won’t look the same. Just take away these leaves. You know how much time it takes to create this. Do you know how little time it takes to spoil this? It no more looks what it use to look, which means the beauty of the foreground itself my dear is because of the background that was there.

Without this background, the foreground is not as beautiful as it is. It is what I’m telling you is that you are all in the foreground, I am in the background remember that. It’s a beautiful life. It may not be what you wanted to be. It’s never. So, if you can see the bigger picture.

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