Faith And Judgement Cannot Coexist!


I cannot understand God, is not ignorance. You think I can understand God, is ignorance. “The finite can never comprehend the infinite; the finite can only surrender itself to the infinite.” I understand, I need at least one spiritual connect in my life, that’s beyond my judgement. Everything cannot be brought within the confines of your judgement. You have to, you went through this as a little child, you had this towards your mother.

You had that one connect in your life that was beyond your judgement. But somewhere with intellectual development that has happened, whether it is God, whether it is incarnation, whether it is a divine representation, and whether it’s a teacher, we had brought everybody into the confines of our judgement. And as long as you keep judging, it can be a relationship in your life, it cannot be a connect in your life.

So, this unconditional faith towards a relationship is not possible. I understand, I need at least one spiritual connect in my life, that’s beyond my judgement. And unless you are able to hold one beacon, one anchor in your life which is beyond your judgement. Somewhere there’s always going to be this incompleteness in your spiritual evolution. You want to feel that completeness in your spiritual ascendance, then you need that one spiritual connect, which is beyond your judgement.

Hanuman found that in Rama, that’s why for him it was not a relationship. In fact, after trying to save herself at every stage, eventually Draupadi found that connect in Krishna. Even on the cross, he was able to say, “Lord forgive them, for they know not what they are doing.” He refused to judge the people who did all that heinous crime to him. Because by nature he epitomises faith when he said, “even if death be the gift of my Lord unto me, will I refuse it?” “If you have as much faith as a mustard seed, you can move mountain”, he said.

Faith and judgement cannot coexist. That is why the expression, Inshah Allah. My choice is I want to meet you tomorrow at 4O’clock. What is His will, I do not understand? So, let’s meet tomorrow at 4O’clock, Inshah Allah. Because, I cantnot control the consequences. You have to hold something beyond your judgement. We’ve brought everything within the confines of judgement. At what stage it will happen, I do not know?

But at some stage when you go through this entire pyramid of gratitude, love, devotion, surrender and faith. One day you’ll find that spiritual connect, which is transcendental of your judgement. And that is when you will begin to experience that spiritual completeness, not till then. I understand, I need at least one spiritual connect in my life, that’s beyond my judgement.

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