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Somewhere, one day in silence and the introspection that followed, a series of revelations unfolded, Read More

and I realized, in the bottom of human growth and development is knowledge. We go to schools, we go to colleges, we acquire knowledge to understand how to live life. Somewhere at the top of that, when you have sufficient knowledge, when you have got your MBBS, when you pass your CA, when you have got your medical science, and many have done all these things, for the first time you realize knowledge alone is not going to take you anywhere in life.

You need skills and attitudes. So, then you get mentored, then you lucky enough to get the right boss, or you do programs, courses, then you develop your skills and attitude that is the next level of the pyramid. And you begin to translate your knowledge through your skills and attitudes into what you call a success attributes in life. But all these skills and attitudes work when you’re not challenged too much in life. All this positive attitude, you’ve got to believe you can do it and I’m always positive, I know, I can, all these things work when ordinary challenges come. Blow of wind, it can handle. Cyclone? Suddenly, all this does not work.

So, you begin to mature to understand you need to have a philosophical understanding of life. So, this is when all those philosophies developed. “God” upsets your plans so that he can execute his plans for you. Whatever happens, happens for the good. Maybe it is all because of my past “Karma”, I’m going through whatever I’m going through. So, all those little, little philosophy. In fact, the nature of books you read itself changes. You start reading all philosophical books.

That’s the next level of growth and development. It is not possible for anyone of you to peep into philosophy and not get interested in religion. Because philosophy derives its roots from religion. So, every one of you who have put your head into philosophy, whoever is there, some of you are at the level of knowledge. Some of you at the level of skills and attitude. Some of you at the level of philosophy, and some of you by now is beginning to take via “Bible”, which was always there in the shelf and trying to find out what’s there.

Suddenly, you don’t miss a single discourse on “Ramayana” or “Mahabharata”, because you want to understand what your religion is talking about the philosophy of living your life. For the first time you want to again understand, the in-depth explanation of what is there in the “Jain Dharma” and how is life explained through this? You just get drawn into trying to understand what religion is. It is not possible to peep into religion without trying to understand “God”. Because the central pivot of religion is “God”.

So, for the first time rather than mechanically going to church because you’re supposed to on a Sunday, mechanically doing a “Namaz” because you, your family always did that on a Friday. For the first time you actually trying to understand beyond “Ganpati Bappa Morya“, what this “Ganpati” is all about. You understand it is not just about dancing for those few days and immersing him. You want to understand what the source of faith is all about. See. And those of you wherever you’re there in the pyramid, you can mirror yourself knowledge, attitude and skill, philosophy, religion, you begin to look into who is “God”?

What is this factor called “God” in your life? Somehow that day in silence and the introspection that followed, couldn’t resist but dare to ask this question, is there something beyond “God”? If “God” is everything omnipresent, omnipotent, omniscient. Is there anything beyond “God”? And for the first time, I realized, faith is even above “God”. Because only for those who have faith there is “God”. For those who don’t have faith there is no “God”. So, your “God” is delivered through your faith. You don’t have faith, you don’t have “God”. In fact, suddenly a lot of things became clear in the role of faith. I realized at the top of the pyramid is actually faith.

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