Mahatria’s Funny Speech On Disorganised Living


A place for everything, everything in its place. Such a simple transformation. Whether you keep the car keys here or keep the car keys there, both takes only one second. Both takes only one second. But the difference is, later when you’ve to find the car keys, if you’ve kept it there, picking up also takes only one second. If you keep it like that, we don’t know how long it’ll take. Morning everybody is discussing, “Where are my car keys?”

Swachh Bharat happens in the house. Everybody has to now start. You’ll have to search, and that between that sofa’s backrest and seat, that one gap is there inside which you’ve had to put your hand; two combs, one pencil, one pen cap, one remote control… Everything will come from inside that.  A place for everything, everything in its place.

The shoes can be left like that or the shoes can be left like this. There has to be grace in everything you do. You know… Everything there has to be a touch of class, there has to be a panache. See, your handkerchief is folded like this and in case it’s not folded properly, I’ll refold it. And it’s kept there. Nobody knows you have a handkerchief.

But how we use handkerchief is…khrrr… roll and put it here. Now people think I have three balls. There should be grace… After you go, minimum 43 lady-used tissue paper will be there down. Just like that you’ll put it and go. You brought it; you take it out. Anything should have a touch of class, a touch of elegance. There has to be that panache and it has to become part of our personality. A place for everything; everything in its place. Removing the shoes, keeping it together.

Not big things. But all this to me is transformation. And the lace will always be outside. Lace should never be outside in a shoes. The lace has to be tucked inside. It can never be outside. Because if the lace is outside, then the next pair of shoes or slippers in the house which is kept will be kept where? On the top of the lace. The bottom of the shoes is where it has picked up all the shit on the road. When that is on the next lace, when you pick your shoes to tie your shoelace with what you’ll touch?

That’s why in India, we tell you ‘Namaste’. Your bacteria with you, my bacteria with me, because we don’t know what all you’ve touched. We never say. Glad to meet you because… there has be class!  A place for everything, everything in its place is what organization is all about. Not just in the house, in your laptop. You want to save a file? Take five seconds extra and give a proper name if you give a proper name and save it in a proper folder later when you have to recall, even with 3000 files, you can pick up the file in one second. But what is your name? AA…AAA…AA1. Then somewhere your file is there, but where it is nobody knows. Little, little… a place for everything, everything in its place.

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