Gender Equality A Message for Teachers


All teachers listening to me. 90% of teachers in Indian schooling system are all woman. Subject plus. No matter what subject you’re teaching. Once in a way you have to cue in especially if you’re a teacher who’s teaching boys. I think you should teach them to respect womanhood. Men have to be taught; woman is more than her looks. Woman is more than her structure. Woman is more than a toy for sex.

Woman is more than just a caretaker of a kitchen. Woman is more than just a nurse to the aging people in the family. All teachers if you’re teaching girls, teach them to respect themselves. And when this entire new generation grows, I’m not asking you to be egoistic, I’m asking you to only respect yourself. Don’t go to the other extreme, becoming so snobbish, so arrogant, so disregard. The 25 years later, I’ll have to tell men, how they need to fight them.

We’re not talking about that. We are talking about self respect and we are not talking about ego and arrogance. We’re talking about you recognizing. The “God” who created men is the same “God” who created woman and in his eyes everybody is equal. And especially in a Hindu culture, where woman have been given equal or even greater status of godliness. I can at least understand with other parts of faith. But here woman has been given that exalted position like there are more women goddesses than men gods.

In the societies we cannot teach each other to have that mutual respect. I think somewhere we are missing the bus. So, teach them to respect themselves. All teachers working in a co-ed school, create equal opportunities. Let woman also be taught. Being a book worm and just coming school first is not enough. They have to have extroverted personality. Simply shying away from responsibilities, standing behind the door.

All the time putting your head down. You need some extroverted expressions, and all this can be taught early. Like in all other matters, I’m saying, instead of wasting too much energy in correcting the existing generation, can we focus our energies in building the new generation? Onetime and last time I repeat, if you can accept what is, is, then you can channelize all the energy into what can be, can be.

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