Celebrate Your Originality


It seems in a classroom one girl suddenly got up and screamed insight, insight. The teacher immediately asked, What’s your insight? And it seems she said, I just now realized, why I’m always miserable in life? Why? The teacher inquire. The girl said, I just now realized, even if I’m the world’s greatest plum, somebody out there in the world will be allergic to plum.

And just in order to gain that relationship, I convert myself into a banana. Hoping now he will love me for being a banana.

And only with time I realize that he changes his tastes and goes and now I become an orange because I want an orange lover to relate with me. And its only question of time, the orange lover leaves then I become a grapefruit. Looking back at my life, I realized, when I could have been the world’s greatest plum, because that’s what I was meant to be. I became a second-grade banana, a third-grade orange, and now struggling at the fourth-grade grapes.

Today I realize, no matter what I become in order to gain people from the world outside, even if I gain them, I have to realize, I am losing myself in the entire process. My insight is, I should remain the world’s greatest plum. Many people may reject me, many people may not want me, but eventually a plum lover will come, and he love me for what I am. He will love my originality, and, in that relationship, we shall blossom.

What the girl told the class that day, today I wish to tell all of you. Remember, if you trade your originality in order to gain anything from the world outside, sooner or later, you will lose what you have gained from the world to regain your originality. I repeat, if you ever trade your originality in order to gain anything from the world, sooner or later, you will have to lose what you have gained in order to regain your originality might as well celebrate your originality.

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