How A Monkey Became God


The disciple asked the master, “Master, I don’t know how to see you. How should I see you? Should I see you as a master, a guru or a teacher? A contemporary? Lover? How do I see you?” The master with a lot of compassion replied, “You see me as a master; you become a disciple. You see me as a guru; you become a seeker. You see me as a speaker; you become a listener. You see me as a teacher; you become a student. You see me as Bhagwan; you become a devotee.

You see me as a beloved; you become a lover. You see me as a contemporary; you become a friend.” The master gently smiled and said, “How you see me makes no difference to me, but it makes all the difference to you.” In defining anything in the world, your relationship to it also gets defined. In defining anything in the world, your relationship towards it also gets defined. Dasharatha saw a son in Rama; he became a father in the process. Unable able to handle the separation from his son, he died.

Sita saw her husband in Rama, and she became a wife in the process, and she had the better half of suffering in Rama’s life. Laxmana saw a brother in Rama and became a brother in the process and lived in the service of his brother for the rest of his life. Ravana saw an enemy in Rama and thus became an enemy in the process and got vanquished eventually. And in this crowd of intellectual, evolved human beings, one monkey saw God in Rama and became God in the process over a period of time.


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