How to Live a Legendary Life


It is an unquestionable truth in life. Abundance is magnetized into your life, when you represent a cause larger than yourself. When you represent an ideal larger than yourself, when you accumulate for your sake, you can do only so much. When you live for the sake of others, you are a limitless infinite possibility. It’s not difficult for you to understand. When you want to earn for yourself, you’ll know there is a limiting capacity. Now you want your children to do medicine.

And you know, for that you need to earn more. When you decide I am going to earn more in my life so that my children can go to the colleges they should go to, automatically, you find ways by which you can earn a lot more. You when you earn for yourself, that’s how much you earn. But when you commit yourself saying that, I want to send my parents on an international trip and for that I need to earn so much, and when you want to do it for the sake of your parents.

Your ideas expand. Suddenly you begin to see possibilities that you never saw before. When you decided to work for yourself. This is how much you were able to do. You’ll set a goal. I should be able to provide employment for at least thousand people, and ideas came automatically, begging to you. When you want to build something for yourself, this is what you could do, but you wanted to do this to the society, and the possibilities are limitless.

It is an unwritten truth of life. Ordinary people become legendary people when they identify themselves with a cause larger than themselves. That cause need not be somebody else’s cause. It can be anything. You creating an energy revolution, and this is something that you want to leave behind as a legacy. Doing something with energy, and when you begin to represent that, the best in you automatically comes out.

You believe you have in yourself the capacity to build the world’s best B-school in India, and you feel you can do that, and when that becomes your focus, than just me, mine, myself. It’s not what I can accumulate for myself when I am breathing. It is what I can leave behind for the world when I go, and when that becomes the focus, a giant of a personality unfolds from within you. When the focus is the bottom line in the balance sheet, in the profit and loss, when that is the focus and you want to build a healthy balance sheet and that’s your focus, you build an organization to certain levels, certain capacities.

I want to bring about a cultural transformation in this world. By improving the quality of family life, when that is the focus, then what unfolds through you is a limitless possibility, limitless possibility. And if we look into every religious messiah, prophet, each one of them, the king in Krishna made himself a charioteer to serve Arjuna, wanting to represent a cause, which was larger than himself. From Jesus Christ to Adi Shankara to Mahavira to every tirthankara, to Buddha to Mahatma Gandhi.

They all lived representing a cause which was beyond themselves. Ordinary barrister discovered a giant of a personality within him, when he represented a cause which was larger than himself. A ordinary school teacher discovered a legendary personality within herself, when she represented a cause larger than herself – Mother Teresa. Much more than what he wanted to achieve for himself or accomplish for himself, when he represented freedom fighting, when he represented the spiritual pursuits, an ordinary journalist emerged to become Shri Aurobindo.

A carpenter’s son became Jesus Christ. Even when we talk about industries. The Samaritan goals enabled Bill Gates or Narayana Murthy or Warren Buffet or the Tatas, to do lot more with their enterprise, when the focus was going back to the beginning of what I said. Money can do little for you. Money can do great things through you. Identify yourself with a cause. Your birth was unnoticed. Your death should not be. Not for any other reason.

That is just your way of living a life where you made it count. It’s a rare thing to be born as a human being. It’s a rare blessing to be created as a human being. This morning in the satsang I was sharing, and that’s what I wish to share with each one of you. This is not just to those who are sitting in the front row. It is for all of you sitting in the last row, too. And all of you in between. Of all the creations of God, nature, prakriti, creation, whatever name you want to call it, man alone has the ability to lift the life of another human being.

No other creation can. An African elephant cannot make a difference to another life. A lion cannot. The Himalayas cannot. The Pacific Ocean cannot. Jupiter cannot. Consuming so much of cosmic energy, rotating and revolving. And yet it cannot impact a single life. And yet the power and the potential of every human being is, man alone can lift himself. And in the process, lift others. God should have loved you so much, so much that he created you as a human being.

And bestowed this responsibility, in you that you lift yourself and lift others in the process. In an organization, the most important responsibility will be given to whom? The employee you trust the most. If one of the most important responsibilities is to lift the lives of other people, then you must be the most trusted representation of God, that he chose to create you as a human being and not as any other creation.

Please, let’s not live a life where because of our life, three more people or five more people will benefit. A parrot in Savera, feeds a family. A bull feeds a family. A pig gives its life on a Saturday and feeds a family. Animals live a life where out of their life, four or five more people in a family can live their life. If as a human being we can live a life where out of our life only four-five people called our immediately family members can benefit, then it is sub – animalistic existence.

Man is a product of huge investment. An entire universe has conspired and worked together in the creation of every man for you to become what you want to become. And in that, God has designed human being in such a way, man alone can lift another human being. Even God, that formless presence. Even God, that formless existence. Cannot lift another life unless it embodies through another human being. Even Abba, whom Christ used to pray to, has to express himself through his son Jesus Christ to touch lives.

Even Allah, the all-merciful, has to whisper the secrets of life to an embodied servant in Prophet Mohammad, and through that only can awaken the world. That all-pervading existence can only express through Krishna, Rama, Tirthankaras. Which means even the formless, cosmic, infinite presence, in order to lift another life, has to express itself through a fellow human being. And that human being is you.

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