How to Manage Your Time Effectively


You deserve to celebrate life. Life is so beautiful. You have just lost yourself into those petty things that are not okay in life.

Those small small things which are not going right in life, and too much of sensationalization of wrong in the media.

And added to that, that inherited suffering of mega-serials. Going on sitting, whether husband and wife will come together or not. And in that, all the time relationship between this husband and wife is going, that he is not seeing. That you are not becoming aware of! Inherited suffering! I don’t know how you commit yourself to such endless hours of suffering.

Every mother-in-law is bad. Every daughter-in-law is an innocent insect. Na! Every boss is interested in secretary. Every boss tells his secretary, “Wait for some more time, you have to type a letter and go.”.

At least change the dialogue! There’s only one good human being in the mega-serial, he has died.

Inherited suffering. Just give me a minute. Just to illustrate a point. Just give me a minute and participate. I know you’re all sophisticated people, but still, please participate. We’re just going to do a small demonstration right now.

Just want all of you to raise your hands parallel to each other at shoulder height. Okay. One or two next to you will not do that. It’s okay. And the rest of you, just raise your hands, shoulder height. Okay. We’re just going to do a small demo.

I’m just going to say one, two, three. And then I’m going to say go! And when I say go, I want all of you to clap hands. Very simple. No complication.

One, two, three, go and the moment you hear go from me, I want all of you to clap. Ready? Okay. One, two, three. Go!

Nothing complicated, very simple. Everybody can understand. I told twice. Only after I say go, you should do it. And that is the impact of what you see, compared to what you hear. That is the impact.  And when you sit and watch misery for two hours and three hours continuously, then these talks and all don’t help.

Every God became invisible, because of this reason only. They don’t know what to do with all of you! That is the visual impact!

Somewhere, there is exaggeration. Two hours, three hours a day, you give away only to know what all is wrong in the world, what all misery is there in the world…

When that’s the time you must be committed. And then you say, there’s no time to exercise, there’s no time to take care of your health.

Before you give your time and energy to something, ask yourself. Is it going to either create value for you, or for the world?

I can understand distractions, but distractions are becoming your obsession! India versus Zimbabwe match, even Dhoni is not watching! And you sit and watch for six and a half hours.

In fact, sometimes I feel, the passion you have to see Indian cricket succeed, if that passion you have for your own success, you will be a legend in the making. Legend in the making!

Life is slipping, my dear! And you have endless time to waste. People say, “I will settle down in ten years and then I am planning to do something.”.

Then you’ve not still understood your partner called God. There is no ten years later. Has to happen today, has to happen tomorrow.

Should have happened yesterday, but the talk is only today. So at least tomorrow. There has to be a sense of urgency and purpose to your life. You have to make it count.

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