How To Stop Overthinking

Mahatria., anything in life, before I do something, there is a thinking process, and I decide and act on that. And I do believe in thinking 360-degree and taking a decision and acting on it. And at the same time, I also have this feel like, I mean, overthinking on something which is unwarranted. So, is that right, or how do I stop that overthinking, is something I want to know, Mahatria. There’s one category in this world which is never thinking, OK? This is a great problem, and there is another category in the world which is, thinking so much that they never act. If you wait for all the signals to be green, you can never start your journey. So somewhere, in all these areas, we have to bring time discipline into the perspective. It’s like, what I tell all creative people. There is no one final idea. There’s always a better idea. There’s no one final idea. So, at some stage, you’ll have to put a date to it and say, “Let’s think up to Wednesday.”. And with the ideas that we have, let’s choose the best, and start execution from Thursday. The world has seen lot of great ideas die without seeing the end of the day, for want of execution skills. So, a lot of people overthink, and they never execute. Two, in army, they say the first casualty of a battle plan, is the battle plan itself, because how much ever you have decided on the drawing board, how much ever in your own mental chambers you have thought, you have thought about 360-degrees, reality will expose to you, in terms of what you have overlooked. So, you have to get into the field. You’ll have to dirty your feet. You will have to get into work. You’ll have to start the project, and that is when you actually realize what you thought 360-degrees was not even sometimes 90 degrees or 180 degrees. So, bring a time limit. If the painter has to keep on believing he can add one more stroke, the painting will never get complete. So, you have to bring the discipline of time. So, I think anything that you herald into from here onwards, thinking is a great skill. Planning is an extraordinary quality. Set a time frame to it. And during that time, don’t be bothered about execution. I think a lot of people do not think enough because they get scared at the thinking, how will I execute this? So, during thinking time, keep execution aside. Set a time limit to it. And once you have come with enough ideas, in fact, I’ll put it this way. A thirty-percent idea, with ninety-percent execution is going to achieve much greater success, than a hundred and ten-percent brilliant idea but got executed only twenty percent. So, once you go into execution mode, on the job, a lot of corrections have to be done. Now don’t go back into the drawing board. So, if you can get the discipline between the both. Both. Planning, while planning, execution, while execution, I think you’ll get the best of both.

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