How To Use Your Quarantine Time Productively? | Coronavirus – Janata Curfew


First and foremost, of all let’s not blame the circumstances for all the agitation, or negative emotions of frustration people are going through. I think people have been frustrated. It’s not that people who go to work are always happy and excited. They have just shifted complaining about their organisation, to now complaining about their family. That needs a shift. People who are happy and grateful, are happy and grateful in all environments. People who are complaining and regretful, are complaining and regretful on all the environments.

Attitudes don’t care where you shape them. Once you develop this tendency to keep talking negative, everything from outside is only a trigger. It’s bringing out what’s there inside you. So, I think first I want that attitudinal shift. Two, it’s a rare opportunity where life has forced all of us to pause and ask ourselves some very important existential questions, “Is this what I want to do with my life?” “Is this the race which, I wanted to keep running?”  “Is this the same stuff that I want to do, for four, five decades of my life?”

Life has forced all of us to ask ourselves some very very important questions. Like how a painter will always step back, and look at his own painting, in a state of self-evaluation to find out, what strokes can be added or what strokes need to be corrected. Life has created a context for all of us to step back, and ask ourselves this question, “What are we doing with our life?” What really matters to us, for once life does not begin at the same time, start with the same routine, forcing us to take the same route to office, do the same stuff from morning to evening, come back.

For once, life has taken out of the drill and asking us, forcing us to ask ourselves some questions. And I think we should ask these questions. Personally, I am asking myself this question, how else I want to enhance my photography skills, you haven’t found the time. I always wanted to sit with my teenage daughter and have many conversations, about her friends, her likes, her dislikes, her aspirations, and here there’s an opportunity to do it.

I always wanted to challenge myself and find out, is a work environment motivating me or am I a self-motivated individual? Here life forcing all of us to work from our home, is a context for us to know, are we an environmentally motivated professional or are we self-motivated professional? Can we produce excellence even from the drawing room of our own house? And on the lighter end, maybe it is an opportunity to let our family know how much work we do, by letting them see when we work from our own premises.

Many things to be done, rearranging the cupboard which we have not done for 25 years right now. Deleting all the unwanted folders, that is sleeping in our laptops for which we have never found the time. Re-organising our photographs, which we have been mindlessly clicking with the digital technology, that is available. Once again getting in touch with hobbies, that we always had, maybe painting, maybe singing, learning an instrument, upgrading ourselves with technology.

So, for the self-motivated guy, there are thousand things for us to do. And for an externally motivated guy, everything is frustrating. So, all what I would tell all of you is, life has imposed a vacation, it’s not going to be for too long, make the most of it. Ask yourself, “when is the last time, I did something for the first time?” And do things that you have never done before and turn even this difficult transition into a golden period in your life.

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