I Still Dare To Smile | Mahatria on Corona Virus



Coming live from my office. Today is world happiness day, and there’s hardly in the mind of anyone, I know that. With all that the world is going through, how do we even think about happiness. Obvious question. When everything is going right everybody can be happy, that’s the easiest thing to do. It does not need maturity. Under the circumstances can I still find happiness.

Is it even right to think about happiness with whatever the world is going through?

I dare to smile, and wish you happy evening, happy morning, depending on wherever you are. In spite of everything that’s happening. Trust me, I am not blind to what we are facing. But let me tell you how I am looking at it.

First there is a very humbling feeling, one invisible organism has brought the entire world to a halt. Seems few industries will be wiped out; economy is devastated and that’s the only thing omnipresent in everybody’s mind right now. It’s a very humbling feeling to know with all the advancement, we have achieved as humanity. One invisible organism has gained control over the entire world and incapacitated life.

So, there is a lot of humility, there is also a lot of faith. Because I feel to fight this invisible organism, we have to derive power from the invisible force. So, there is also this faith to pray, to that divine powers, to see us through. There is also a lot of gratitude, when even the doors of all places of worship has been closed, temples, mosque, church everything is closed. It’s the doors of the medical fraternity that is opened, the doctors were waiting to help us through this phase. So, there is phenomenal gratitude at this moment, that the entire fraternity of doctors.

I feel like promising on behalf of all of you, that we would never ever be sarcastic or crack jokes, involving the medical fraternity ever again for the way they are standing by humanity in this crucial juncture. There is also a lot of respect for science, because please understand, this is not the first virus, the first epidemic, that we are facing. And science has conquered many of this in the past. Right now, it has caught us unaware and we are going through a very difficult transition, but I have trust in science. We’ll find vaccinations, treatments for this and in the future, like we have done in the past. It might just require one shot or something to swallow, and we’ll see through this.

The crisis is huge, because we read nine thousand deaths. But let’s also understand eighty-five thousand people have been treated, cured and they have come back to normal life. Yes, there are countries where the number of infections is growing. But China has reported for second consecutive day zero infection. So, where it began, they have conquered and the rest of us will also follow and conquer it. The largest democracy in the world and the second most populated country are Indian. There is not been a single community infection, commendable!

Let’s not politicise, but it’s commendable the way all the authorities, including the government have come together and fought this, and the power of individual awareness.

All I am saying is, we should never tell life what we don’t want. Instead we should be telling life, what we want. And what we want life, is to see through this day. A collective power of humanity, with faith in spirituality and trust in science, like we have fought through many of the crisis in the past, we will win through the crisis too. We will live long and will tell the next generation stories of how we triumphed through this. This will become a historical fact, something about the past that we all remember, and we’ll see through this phase of life.

I have unshakable faith in the power of collective human power, the power of human spirit, and we will se through this. Remain prudent, take all the precautions that you have been suggested, don’t be reckless, don’t be careless, there’s no place for arrogance right now. So, remain prudent, take all the precautions. Personal hygiene alone is going to help you, not the mask. The mask is for people who are infected, so that they don’t spread the infection. Mask is not for you to help yourself from getting infection. Personal hygiene alone will help you through this phase. So, never get tired of repetition, keep washing, be prudent.

For all your actions, try to use your non-natural hand, because chances are it’s your natural hand alone that touches your face and not the non-natural hand. So, if you are a natural right hander, to open the door, or to press the lift knob, or to open the car door, try to use the non-natural hand. If you are a natural left hander, do it with your right. Take all those precautions and next year when we celebrate the world happiness day, that’s only be happy happy, without having to be fearfully happy.

Call me naive, but I am an opportunist in thinking. I use my mind in ways by which we magnetise what we want and repel what we don’t want.  And hence I choose happiness over gloom, even under these circumstances.

Wishing you World happiness day!
Happy you!
Happy me!
Happy humanity!
Let’s do it together…
Loving you all so much.
Thank you.


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